Just Some Things

  • Saw Tropic Thunder on Wednesday night. Fucking funny as hell! Robrert Downey Jr rocked!!!
  • I received my iFlip Mino yesterday and it is simply the cutest little gadget and I know it will get a hell of a lot of use. Enough with the camera movies now.
  • Recently got all my vacations signed off on. Now those dates can't come up soon enough!
  • T and I had date night on Wednesday and doing this weekly is going to be wonderful
  • Been trying to watch the olympics but I can never seem to catch the events I really want to see
  • Hoping to FINALLY get some painting done around the house this weekend
  • Mom and Dad will be in town in exactly 2 weeks. Short trip, though.
  • Borrowed Twilight from my coworker and i'm looking forward to diving in
  • Bummed that the Harry Potter movie got pushed to next summer. What BS!!!!
  • Received the kinder app for K, for next fall. This will be the only private school I apply for while I'm exploring my public options and trying to woo principles to let us go to their school out of our district.
  • Bought cute "orthopedic" shoes. I just call them that because they are purposely made super comfy, good to your feet shoes. I think wearing super flat shoes like flip flops and chucks have made my feet a bit sensitive and achy
  • i finally shook my Text Twirl addiction even though I was not that great at it.

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