How About Another?

People often ask me if I want more kids.  I normally say "no."  But I don't know.  I think the answer is no.  I know I don't want to give birth again.  I like being pregnant, I really, really do.  I just don't think I want to physically birth a child again.  Twice was enough and it really took a toll on my body.  My body is stretched out and only in the last 6 months or so have I really been doing something about.  It's great and although i'm losing much of the weight my abdomen muscles are so stretched out that all the skin has no place to go.  You figure it out because i'm not going into details here.  it's gross and you know toddlers, they love to point these things out.  As soon as my body is in decent physical shape i'm going to do something about it.  Drastic measures will eventually get me where I need to be.  I mean who really wants looseness on them but its my priority to get my body in good working order before I do anything else.  Okay totally digressed.  More kids?  I'd really like a daughter but i'm not heartbroken over it.  I really go back and forth in my head about it.  would I adopt?  For sure.  Would I foster then eventually adopt?  absolutely.  Am I ready to do that now?  Most certainly not.  But I have a practical side as well.  Kids can make the day to day costs much more.  Right now, we're good.  One more could possibly push us over that line of living day to day or tucking some $$ away.  I have friends with more then two kids and less then two kids and everyone makes it work.  And I know we would too.  But I don't know, im a little bit selfish too.  As I said we're good now.  We can afford mini holiday's around the state.  Head off to Hawaii with a little struggle but we work it out.  We are able to pull some cash out for date nights or new shoes for no reason.  I don't think i'm ready to give that up.  My kids are a little more independent now and they play with each other affording T and I a little bit of peace.  Maybe all this would be different if we lived near family.  We have zero close family here.  Its sad sometimes but we manage.  Two kids are good right now.  But that question really makes me think.

On a totally different note.  We finally got some new toys!!

And yes, they were sold out of Foofah.

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