Dead Tired

Another awesome weekend came and went. And i'm dead tired this morning and had a rough time climbing out of bed this morning.

Took the kids to the library on Saturday morning. They sure do love the library. I'm actually thrilled about this. When we we typically pick out a couple of DVDs (the underdog cartoons is a fave.) and a handful of books. Having these new books around the house have really excited the kids about reading. Since we have the books for a limited time we want to make sure we read them to the kiddos. And from a parent perspective its nice not reading the same books over and over. The one book that stands out as the most favorite fave is Stellluna. This trip I picked out 2 more books by Janelle Cannon and the kids are enjoying them just as much. It's also awesome that the library has a little park on the same property and its the first childrens park that I've seen that is totally self contained so they can't run off.

Saturday afternoon we headed of to the Cohens for a BBQ. The food was fantastic as always. We swam a bit. We ate much to much. V gorged on sweets like there was no tomorrow, even after being told "last one!" I caught him sneaking over to the sweets and grabbing and hiding one more red vine or one more rice krispie treat. K indulged in sweets until he discovered the veggie platter then he went for broke on carrots and ranch dip. T and a few others "in the business" talked way to much shop talk. I could barely hang out with them cause really I don't care about the porn business that much.

Sunday....We had breakfast at Rods, which is about a block from the Santa Anita race track. Typical diner with typical diner fare. After that we took the kids to the park where they played and "swam." They had a blast. This time we were prepared and brought a ball and some buckets for them to play with in the water. We packed a picnic for lunch, the kids are digging the picnics and we were acutally surprised that with all the park distraction they will sit down and eat their lunch, help clean up and then go back to playing. Awwww......they are growing up. Much later that evening our wonderful, glorious sitter came over to watch the boys. T and I had a great dinner at Blairs (mmmmm......). He ordered the free range chicken while I ordered the braised Colorado short ribs! our meals were so scrumtous and so filling that we had to pass on dessert, which we almost never do. After dinner, which took longer then expected, we jetted over to Hollywood for Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies. We figured if we got there right before 10 we would have sufficiently missed the opening acts. We got there, hurried through security and then went to the box office for our tickets. We were hooked up with comped tickets, access to the Foundation room and for the private balcony for viewing the show. Thank the fucking lord! The show was completely sold out, my connection even said it was oversold so those private balcony passes were such a godsend. The show was fucking fantastic, much, much better then expected. The banter between Fat Mike and the other guys were hysterical and the song choices were not a let down! We got home pretty late and the sitter said all went well, they were sound asleep but were good. Yeah!

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