Closet Worrier

I'm a (closet) worrier. I know I am. I worry about the littlest things. I don't really let it affect things outside of my personal being but sometimes, I think it may give me a smattering (is that a word?) of anxiety. Of course, this is all self diagnosing here. This is why I don't watch the news, I worry. I would rather read the news then I can control what I do and don't weird. One things for certain I don't talk about it.
I worry about kids when the cough.
I worry about situations that make me drive on the 10
I worry about being able to pay my bills.
I worry about the economy
I worry about the value of my home
I worry when I leave from visiting my family when I will see them again
I worry every time my phone rings in the middle of the night
I worry when my desk phone rings and its an 818 number
I worry about the cracks in the stucco in my ceiling
There are numerous other random little things I worry about. I swear it doesn't affect me and I don't, say avoid the 10 no ifs, ands or buts, I'll drive on it but I don't have to like it. So now I get to work and read the news and now I have something new to worry about. This! There's so many fucked up things going on in this world right now and I wish there was a day when no fucked up news could be published/broadcasted.

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