What's That You Say

I was looking at this picture of Bai Ling and thinking she's really like the Chinese Paris Hilton. Except for the fact that Ms Ling isn't an "heiress" they seem to be interchangable. They kind dress the same, pose the same, dance retardedly (i think i made that up) and "act" similarly its just if a director wants an asian chick or not. The totally could have been contenders on the now, defunct, 2 Stars 1 Slot!

Enough about that.

I used to have a slight phobia with public restrooms. Its not that I would totally avoid them but I was ultra selective of where I would go. It wasn't ever a germs issue it was just the "atmosphere" of it all. If I were at the mall I flat I out refused to use the mid-mall restroom. My experience was that it was always dirty, unflushed, out of TP etc. Instead I would go to the "fanciest" department store restroom and go there. I read something a long time ago that said that typically the cleanest stall in a public restroom is the first stall. Since then, that's been the rule I follow and more times then not that definetly is the case. It seems that the first stall is typically skipped when multiple stalls are avaialable. Test it out, it makes the public restroom a bit more tolerable. With kids I tend to be less pickey although I much prefer those oh so comforting Family Restrooms. Hell you can park your stroller in there and have room for a little dance party. There have been times where T, the kids and myself have had to go into one and deal with the offspring. Makes potty breaks and pull up changes so much easier. Hands down the best family changing room is at the Topanga Mall. My god is that thing heaven. 1st of all is hugemongous! Its a giant ass room with couches, plasma w/cartoon, giant fish mural, tons of changing stations around a wall in a U-shape with a wipe warmer, and sink for each station and hidden non-smell diaper disposals, plus there are a couple of stalls for those that use the potty and private little rooms with curtains for those still breastfeeding. Bonus item is bottle warmer and micro! Absolutely the best! But no more bathroom talk.

I woke up this morning with some sinus congestion. The sore throat came a creeping on Saturday but I employed my mothers technique of garggling with salt water and you know what, it worked. It battled the sting and won! Now this congestion. I think I just need to let it run its course. I've got my sudafed but i'm really trying to keep it in check since I have an appointment with an endodontist on Wednesday and the worst is keeping your mouth open for an hour when you can barely breathe through your nose! I've done it before and it is terrible. I would reschedule this appointment but i had to wait just over a month for this opening. I will have to be coughing up phlem to abandon the appointment. After the appointment i'll be working from home because there is nothing worse then having to be in the office feeling as though my mouthular region is as big as a house and the constant fear of drool running down my face!

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