Thursday - Back To The Big Box

Fourth of July was totally chill and fun.  Went to the Negrete's (Mr & Mrs, not Ron's) where Ron was hosting a little Fourth get together.  The pool was fabulous and the kids were brave as hell going in and out on their own.  We had yummy snacks and a Red Stripe to quench my thirst all afternoon.  We set off some smoke bombs which the kids went beserk over.  BBQ was fantastic!  Half the steaks were marinated in teriyaki and half were au naturale.  I had a great time.  The kids didn't nap and played until they could barely play no more.  We knew they were whooped when it was time to go and they graciously played along with us.  So there was no surprise when V fell asleep almost instantly and K fell asleep a few minutes before reaching the house.  It was nice but kinda sad since they missed all the fireworks.

On Saturday we just relaxed.  We were all to pooped from Friday to do anything remotely exciting on Saturday.  since we were heading out of town for K's birthday on Sunday we had a little celebration on Saturday at home.  K opened his prezzies then we went out for hot fudge sundaes (He had a school party on Thursday with his class which he was so excited about and they only request he had was we get everything Wall*e) As low key as the day was we were all tuckered out but bedtime.

Sunday we woke up bright and early and after breakfast jumped into the car and headed down to Legoland.  We got there soon after opening and it was nonstop fun.  It was a little crowded and we anticipated as much but that's okay.  We were staying at the hotel right next door so after the kids nap we knew we would be heading back and keeping our fingers crossed for a thinned out crowd.  The hotel had its own entrance to the park and within minutes of our return the crowds were considerably less, nearly no lines for any ride.  This was our second visit to the park this year and the kids had grown considerably.  this time the boys are the same height and can ride much more rides this time around.  It was such a relief that they could ride the same rides this time I think it would have been a very tiring visit if V was excluded from things K could ride.  We spent Monday at the park as well making sure to hit everything we skipped over the day before.  The only ride we didnt go one because the lines were so long was the new Indiana Jones ride, but I kinda think the kids may not have met the height requirement anyhow.  Oh well.  Ultimately this was K's bday gift and he had a fantastic and very memorable day!

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off to relax sans kids.  It was nice to be "unplugged" with nothing to do and nowhere to be.  I went for breakfast at Le Pain Quitedon in Studio City, had a nice light breakfast and big 'ol coffee.  Strolled Ventura for a while, got my nails did and by then it was nearly lunch.  T and I jetted over for a yummy Italian lunch at Cafe Med.  My pasta was fantastic: Fettucinni with parmasean, butter sauce and black turffles.  T ordered a wonderful saffron risotto!  We had a long leisurely lunch and I drank much to much wine for the middle of the afternoon.  By 2pm I was mildly drunk.  Since I was jabbering like a crazy person and drunk texting Ron, T decided we should go home to unwind before having to pick up the kids.  Wednesday was even more leisurely once the obligatory grocery shopping trip was completed. We had a late lunch at Alcove, headed back home and did absolutely nothing then picked up the kids.  Perfect days of rest.

Let's see other items of note:
*K is totally and fully nighttime potty trained
*K has started swimming lessons and is absolutely loving it
*K starts "itty bitty" jr. basketball next week (we'll see how that goes)
*V has busted out his hidden talent of speaking spanish 
*V is the same size as K but much skinnier
*T no longer has insane work stress which was giving him borderline high blood pressure
*We have reached a point where we can now take both kids to the movies
*Hawaii this summer is a no go since airfare is MENTAL!
*Still thinking of moving out of state, seems more real this time, and have started taking the necessary steps to do so
*Ecstatic that Burn Notice S.2 premieres tonight
*Viva Veronica Mars
*I've become my small teams go to Web person and half the time i'm totally just barely afloat
*I got a Myspace Add acceptance from someone I had a falling out with when K was born (baby steps!)

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