Scatter Brained

  • I really hate when im in an elevator and I am able to hear all the wires/pulley/thingamaboobs clanking around in the elevator shaft. It freaks the hell outta me, I guess I've seen one to many elevator death scenes.
  • I need to remember to look for any preview video for the new HBO series True Blood. It's vampires!!!!
  • My co-worker leant me Twilight in anticipation for the movie at the end of the year. Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter plays the main vampire dude.
  • Except for one little tensy scab my diamond is almost totally healed. I lotion up quite frequently so I get no splochiness but healing takes forever.
  • Thrilled Burn Notice is back on TV
  • The kids are getting cuter every day
  • I finally downloaded Rhapsody Unlimited since Y Music will cease to exist after Sept 30. Ugh! I forget all the hoopla surrounding the merger or whatever but i just Know we had to switch by 9/30
  • We have a few birthday parties coming up. One is Saturday night for the kids school mate and I still need to buy him a prezzie!
  • I'm kinda missing Hawaii lately. I wish we could have gone back this month as planned. Fucking oil prices and summer fare increases!! Thinking Sept/Oct may be ideal once K's sports stuff wraps up. I want 2 weeks in Hawaii to chill, go to the beach, see old friends and show my family that I can get a tan.
  • Yeah about the above, 2 months into summer and i've gotten TAN (not dark just Tan)! I never tan but this year seems to be my year. I've even been sunburned twice and I think with the little bit lighter hair any tan is looking darker.
  • I logged into my mortgage acct and checked on my interest rate for the first time since my ARM kicked in at the beggining of 2008. Not good taht it took this long but I wasn't worried since I log into my bank acct often and knew what my payments were. Anyway, it's barely gone up so i'm ok.
  • My hair is getting really long and I need to do something with it. It's now down the center of my back and my bangs are totally grown out but to short to be pulled back and to long to wear down on my forehead. Thus, i've been experimenting with blowdrying a quasi feathered swoop.
  • 2 people I know are trading in/selling their BMW's due to crazy prices. I don't blame them. I would be hating it if I was still paying for Premium gasoline.
  • Jeff Page is interested in doing my next tattoo, which is kinda top secret right now. We've discussed and it's going to be pretty rad! Now I just gotta save some cash. I probably shouldv'e mentioned this when I got my diamond. Did you see his myspace? Kinda cute, right? (T is so funny, he said I only think's he's cute cause he and T look kinda similar!)
  • 99% sure we're getting comped tickets for Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies in a couple weeks.
  • Still on the NS doing good but today its back to total and complete lockdown and i'll be living on my 1100 calorie/day diet once again. No excuses, no treats and again no more beer! Now that Hawaii is a potential in a few months time to get serious again.
  • posted some new pics on flickr. check it out if you like.

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