Oh So Tired

We took the kids to Carney's for dinner on Saturday night. T had hyped it up so much to the kids that we had to deliver. As we were driving down Ventura Blvd the kids were so excited yelling for Carney's (the restaruant is in a train car). We rounded the bend and there it was, the boys went beserk. As we pulled in there was a white 15-passenger van and a camera crew and i knew it was for a reality show, it had to be. Great! We park and head for the restaurant. I saw a guy covered in tattoos and figured he was the guy being taped. I couldn't see his face so I wasn't sure who it was. Whatever. We ordered and as we were looking for seats some of the film crew came rushing in to capture the guy walking into the train car therefore we decided to sit outside at the picnic tables. We had to wait a few minutes for our food but the kids were happy with their milkshakes and acting totally mental. The excitement on their faces was priceless. Within a few minutes our order was ready so i went in to go pick up the food. What a freakshow!
The camera crew were all around and filming the guy while he was waiting in line to order and by this time the restaurant started filling up. I grabbed my food and headed for the door. While we were eating the camera crew kept coming in and out of the restaurant to film the guy doing his real life thang. But dang nabbit i needed to head back in for napkins, i go in and grabbed some when I hear someone say "hey can I get a look at your tattoos?" I turn around while saying "sure" it's the guy and I immediately know who he is and what they are filming. So I chat with the guy from Crazytown, yeah you know them "come my lady, come, come my lady, you're my butterfly....," yeah, that band. Yeah he was on that show and now they are filming part dos. so anyway, we chat for a sec and as i head out some big guy stops me to sign a waiver, i had to ask what it was for!, turns out they filmed the little exchange. Nice job peeps, next time i'd like a heads up but then i guess that's just not "real" enough. Gotta love living in LA.

so that was dinner and the kids were way more into the train then their food. We should have fed them at home and gone to Carney's for milkshakes. Well, you live and learn!

Yesterday was my company's big summer social. it was "rock" and roll themed. Rock as in bedrock and dinosaurs. Yeah, oh so clever! It was fun as hell lots of activities and fun to be had. Typical picnic food but it was perfect. There was a point during the day when K told T, I'm having so much fun but i'm tired. It was sad, he wore himself out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The picnic did its job. We were no more then a few minutes out of the equestrian center that the kids were passed out. We put them to bed and they slept for 2.5 hours. While all the boys in my family slept I did some last minute picking up since Mai and the kids were coming over for some playtime and dinner.

Pics will be on flickr in the next couple days.

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