Memory Keeping

I'm feeling sticky at the moment and really should shower. It started off nice and cool today, I would even dare say perfect weather (to me). A little bit foggy, no overbearing sun and nice and cool. I was hoping and praying it would stay this way even though I knew that it wouldn't. After breakfast we went to the Page Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits. The kids love this place and it was actually their choice to go there. Within minutes of arriving it started getting humid. Still no sun but humid. I remember that feeling from Chicago. Sticky and sweaty. We used to call it the season that everyone looked ugly. My makeup started feeling thicker and my face was feeling greasy. Thank god my fair was completely up and off my face and shoulders. That would have made for one ugly situation. The kids ran up and down the hills sourrounding the museum, stared and the mammoth in the tar pits and then we dragged them into the actual museum. They love that place, but then again what little boy wouldn't with all the animal skeleton and animatronic wholly mammoth and sloth? K is totally fascinated with this stuff and V is starting to show more and more interest in dinosaurs and stuff his big bro is in to. I'm so glad I ended up buying the Natural History Museum memebership (which includes entrance to the Page) we've made such good use of it and we've only had it for a few months now. I think it's already paid for itself. When we finished up with the Page we went over to LACMA since the kids have NexGen membership that get's each of them + one adult each in for free. K was totally reluctant to go while V was very go with the flow. We had to convince K that there was a kids gallery and he would have fun. So in we went and headed headed straight for the Boone Childrens Gallery. K was grumpy at first but eventually loosened up. V was excited as hell. The wonderful thing about Construct at Boone is all the interactivity for kids. Play areas with wood blocks and big puffy soft blocks but the best part all the arts and crafts. Painting stations, and hands on collage making and more! V and I found an empty table and I gathered all the various arts and crafts stuff i thought we would use. We crafted away making 4 collages together. V was so engaged and so at ease with what he was doing it was so awesome to see. That's one thing i want to do more with the kids at home and have been guilty of neglecting. At home we draw and color but we don't do anything in the way of cutting or gluing. Craft Supplies has recently been added to my to do list. Okay I digress, we spent quite a bit of time in Construct and we noticed K started his mid-day meltdown. We quickly left so we could get some lunch in them and headed home (They fell asleep within minutes of getting strapped into their car seats.)

And now i'm here. So I was thinking. I take a ton of pictures and mainly I upload them to Flickr and to Kodak Gallery for my family. When the kids were teeny I used to print out nearly everything and put them in a photo album. K probably has day to day documentation of his life for the first year. Once V was born I did do some documentation but not as heavily. No I just take pictures. Pictures of our mundane time at home to activities on the weekends to special occassions. In the end they are uploaded to my albums online and that's about it. I back all the photos up to my external hard drive and am planning on saving them on a CD. I'm wondering if I'm missing out on something by doing this. I don't know if I have capacity to scrapbook plus i'm afraid if I get started I might obsess and have to get all the papers and dohickeys that go with scrapbooking. I could just print stuff and and put it in photoalbums but that just takes up space. My mom has tons and tons of photoalbums stuffed in her closet and I don't want that to be me. I've thought about maybe getting some expandable plastic folders or go simple and use freezer bags and make like little memory capsules for each boy to document a special outing (like our recent trip to Legoland), special day, or maybe a 6 month or 1 year benchmark. So, as I mentioned the printing of photos is now done but I do have plastic boxes for each of them contaning things like (incomplete) baby books, little coming home fromt he hospital outfits, baby shower stuff, birthday cards, and an abundance of artwork. Maybe little time capsules for each thrown in might be a nice thing to look back on. Any ideas on what I can do? I need low maintenance and pretty compact since i'm tight on space. I'm not opposed to printing photos out since i was planning on printing maybe key stuff and throwing discs in of the full occassion as well. Please any ideas will be helpful.

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  1. I just thought of this... What about putting them all on a digital picture frame. Kinda like storing on CD (but on the card) but you can also watch the slideshow on something rather than the computer screen.

    You can keep adding new pics to it and won't have to worry about storing tons of albums away... just one frame!

    Just a thought!