Mai & Me

On Friday night Mai and I had planned on a girls night with the guys watching all the kids. We were headed out for the usual, dinner and a movie. But the more we talked about what we wanted to do it was evident that we wanted a little more then that for the night. On my way home from work we decided to change it up a bit. I rushed home and quickly unloaded the kids helped T with any last minute cleaning since his bud and kids were spending the eve with him at our house. I made numerous outfit changes and two calls to Mai before finally setting on good ol jeans, black top and ankle booties. Mai and I were soooooo excited.

First stop was Canele. We weren't thinking "new," "Hot" restaurant, we were more concerned about getting into a place we wanted to go to on short notice on a Friday night. Canele was perfect. Good. Close by. And there were open tables. We shared the jamon plate, each ordered the seared tenderloin and deserts which we could barely eat (our eyes were obviously to big for our tummies!) After dinner we took the scenic route via Silver Lake on Sunset all the way down to Cahuenga and Hollywood. Our last stop for the evening. We were gouged for parking as is the norm for the area and quickly skipped over to True Tattoo (the shop Clay owns) which was across the street. Sometime during dinner we spontaneously decided to get tattooed. I had been aching for a diamond on my finger for ever, Mai knew this and she had been jonsing for the same on her hand for awhile, so we basically said f*ck it lets go. At that point we called the shop and told them we were coming in. Well, we got there and they had our stencil ready to go. It was awesome. Jeffery Page was one of the funniest guys I’ve met in a long time. We were there for a bit chatting away like pathetic groupies but it was all fun times. Jeff did the most awesome job for us, the price was ridiculous as I had planned for it to cost much more then it did. Once we were bandaged up, loaded up with stickers, said our good byes we left the shop with our gimpy looking, white bandaged hands. The night was not over. Across the street on Hollywood is Tiny KO, the next stop. It was pretty empty but we popped in anyway. It was nice to just sit down, giggle over our tattoo experience, drink a cocktail and listen to the likes of Skynard/The Doors/Guns and Roses. By the time we left the place was filling up. Mai really wanted to head down to Amoeba so we did but it was close. Bad for her, Good for me. We popped into the Beauty Bar for a pit stop and witnessed the begging of a bitch slapping fight. It was kinda funny to see two 21 years old all hooched out yelling and slapping each other. Besides that I felt old. Mai and I could hardly beleive how young everyone looked. We grabbed each others hands and hightailed it out of there. A few doors down was Kitchen 24. The last stop. High ceilings, live DJ and breakfast, lunch and dinner served 24/7. Our mission: JUNK FOOD! The waiter was funny and sweet, kinda reminded me of Mos Def. He gave us some cupcakes (no charge) and we ordered a sundae and a milk shake. Mmmm yummy sweetness. After the late night dessert we had to walk up past the crowd at Goa and man o man ws that some good people watching. Way to much long blonde hair in miniskirts if you ask me. We made our way back to the car and that was that. We had a super fun girls night out, Mai's company is priceless and we walked away with little tokens that will remind us of each other forever. Some highlights: the bummy rose selling guy thinking we were lesbians, jeffery telling us about his crazy girlfriends, getting cat called from cheesy LV capped guys and the matching Diamonds!

My Hand

Late Night Snack

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