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I know, there's been a major lack of updates. No excuses just nothing to exciting happening right now. We've been doing lots of family stuffs on the weekends like the Natural History Museum, LACMA, Paige and today it was the LA Film Festival's Family day in Westwood. The kids had a blast last year so we decided to go again this year. There were lots of freebies and lots of activities. The kids had a great time. We brought home lots of schwag but top schwag honors go to the kids new Wall*e poster and Beverly Hills Chihuahua poster (they saw the trailer at the theater on friday night). It's so awesome having this event because they really do make it fun filled for the kids no matter the age. There were pony rides and petting zoos and all the stuff was free. Glaceau (Vitamin and Smart Waters) were one of the sponsors so there was no worry of gettying dehydrated as beverages were bountiful. By the time we left the kids were tired and it was just as time as Westwood Village theaters, at the top of the block, was gearing up for the big Journey to the Center of the Earth movie premiere. As the press were starting to pile up around we headed out. Good Day!

On Friday night we surprised the kids and took them to see Wall*e right after school. The theater wasn't to crowded and crazy. We bought our tickets then snacks and headed in. Luckily we found seats right in the first row after the big aisle brake. Unluckily it was 3 seats and not 4 but no biggie V sat on T's lap and didn't mind at all. This was K's second movie going experience and he's totally an old pro. He nestles right into the seat, kids snack pack on his lap and reminds there quietly through previews and the movies. However I don't know how he will do in any movie longer then and hour and a half. That seems to be the magic number. Anyway they loved the movie a lot. They have been looking forward to it since billboards started popping up around town. V does a great impersonation of Wall*e's voice. its' the cutest thing ever.

K's bday is coming up. We're not doing a big party or anything. A small party at school with his classmates and then at the end of the weekend we're heading down to Legoland and will spend the night down there. He knows about Legoland and is very excited. There are some new rides since our last visit so that should be fun. More on that later.

Work is alright. Reading the press though you would think we were headed for disaster. I think what you read is bigger then the truth but there is truth in what you read, if that makes any sense. I don't want to talk shop here but its just so frustrating reading all the stuff out there and in some instances reading about it before an actual official release comes from our corporate offices. Believe me, i'm not the only one annoyed by this. A couple of weeks ago we had departmental meeting regarding the Google deal we recently announced. People were pissed, really we all thought heads were gonna roll! People weren't necessarily pissed about the deal but people were pissed that the speculation was on the street early that a.m. and news was circulating that a press release was gonna go out after market closed. So you'd think we would get word pretty soon or as the announcement was made to the public. Nope, no such luck. We got work hours later. unacceptable, really. Becuase this here deal affects our division directly. A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G. What can we do you know? Sorry if this makes no sense to anyone but me.

Enough. I'm tired and need to wake up early tomorrow.

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