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A couple weeks ago Mai and I went to dinner and a movie. While at dinner we were talking about the hubbies (who were together babysitting 4 kids) and she mentioned how O is always "scanning the room" when they go on date night. She said how frustrating it was because he isn't looking at her while we talk. So the conversation changed a little and I asked her, "Do you ever catch O checking out other females?" She said of course but didn't care unless he stared to long at which point she would slap him. She asked if I ever catch T. I told her I can spot a girl T will try to check out before he knows he is going to check her out. She about died laughing saying I guess I knew his type. Well, yeah after this many years yeah I know. But she just couldn't believe I said what I did. The next day I told T about the conversation and was so embaressed. Not because I would say that to Mai (we share dirty secrets so no biggie) but because I was right. He said he didn't like that I could do that. I told him it didn't matter, although damn funny, just be descreet and he gets 3 seconds tops! Bwahahabawahaha.
Mai and I after dinner but before Sex in The City:

I've been loving the Santogold album. Although the first time I heard L.E.S. Artiste I thought it was a new Tegan & Sara song. Then I heard the rest of the album and its sooo not Tegan & Sara. It's an easy album to get through. I find it relaxing and I love going through my work day with it as background music. Check it out. The songs that get the most play from me are Shove It, Starstruck and I'm a Lady. Maybe you'll like it to. Maybe you won't but just thought I'd share.

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