His Day

Today is Father's day and all T wanted was a nice breakfast with the family and then an afternoon spent with us doing something we would all enjoy. Yesterday afternoon K and I baked a cake for Father's Day but the kids couldn't resist and we dug into it last night. Actually after dinner, I brought the cake out and we all gathered around the table, and it was so cute, the kids not knowing anything other then associating cakes and birthdays started singing Happy Birthday to T then capping it off with a roarous HAPPY FATHER'S DAY yell. Anyway, back to today. We were up early, as usual, and as T showered I took the gifts out of the closet so the kids could give it to him. He was excited and, even though there were small gifts, T was completely surprised. We headed out just past 8am with absolutely no direction as to where we were going to eat. No biggie though. What we hoped for was a good day but however not long after getting seated the kids were in hyper mode. Yep, fun stuff. We took it in stride.

After breakfast we decided to go to the Natural History Museum. We just got membership so we're putting it to good use (last week we used it for the Paige Museum plus doubling membership goodness and also used the kids LACMA membership to get us as their guests in). We always have a good time at the NHM. But we were most excited about was the Butterfly Pavilion. It did not disappoint.

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