Good Times

This week I approached my boss about a coming into the office 4-days per week. Not a 4 day work week but rather physically coming into the office 4 days and one day a week working from home. He was totally on board and was going to take it to those that make the decision. I thought it through prior to our meeting and I think I delivered a very strong, relevant push for it. I have a feeling it will all be approved. I was very flexible about it and told my boss what days would be best so its in their hands (i hope its a friday or monday!). I'm hoping I'll get my answer this week.

Yesterday was a mom and K day. K's class received special screening passes of Kung Fu Panda so yesterday we went to the movies at 10am. It was great. Before the movie there was a Kung Fu demo which K was in awe over since he'd never seen anything like that before. The movie started soon after and it was terrific. I was worried K wouldn't sit still since he had never been to a theater before but he was great. He was really into the experience and the movie was pretty action packed for the entire 1.5 hours. Dreamworks always do a good job keeping the movie fun for kids yet sticking in humour that adults will totally get and laugh at. After the movie we strolled around downtown Burbank picked up a few vinyl toys from Urban Outfitters, then I let K pick our next stop. Of course it was Toys R Us. While in the theater he saw some statues of the Hulk, Kung Fu Panda and Wall*E (which he had never knew anything about prior). At the toy store he was all over the Wall*E toys so I let him choose a little figure for him and his brother. He was so good and didn't even throw a tantrum when it was time to leave. By the time the toy store trip was over he was ready for lunch. He wanted burritos so I took him to Malo in Silverlake. Then it was back home where we relaxed and got the kids to bed early.

We planned to take the kids to Underwood farms today bright and early. However we haven't seen the Cohens in a while so we met up at Fred 62 for a late breakfast. Since there were 9 of us meeting for breakfast and all the small tables which could be pushed together were taken we took two big booths and split up the kids. Mai and I together with 1 each or our kids and the guys together with the other kids. It was perfect. Breakfast has never gone so smoothly for us before. The kids even ate better then normal. Sitting in Mai's and mine facing booth was Christina Ricci and a friend. Thank god the K hasn't seen Speed Racer cause if he realized she was in it he would've gone ape shit. It was a nice long meal. Once Mai and I finished our food I took K and she took Avery and strolled down Vermont. To bad Y-Que was closed because we really wanted to buy shirts, oh well. However La La Ling was opening so we popped in, and lo and behold lots of stuff on Sale. I picked up a new hoodie for K for the fall and a few t-shirts and some sweet 50% off Small Paul winter hats for the kids. After that we hit the farm. The kids were so excited they were practically chanting "we want the farm" all the way there. The kids ran around and played on all the activity stuff and when they were nearly tuckered out we hit the U-Pick portion of the farm and picked some blackberries, green beans ans strawberries. Yum!!!!! They had an awesome time and the weather was totally perfect. V scored a pretty nice farmers tan in the process. As expected the kids knocked out on the car ride home and T and I got to chill for the afternoon!

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  1. I wish I could work from home one day a week, but knowing myself, I would never get any work done.

    I am so very excited to see Wall*E when it hits theaters.