GG is Over

Yesterday was the day I wrapped up the Gilmore Girls series. Why didn't I ever watch this when it was on TV? The show was funny and witty and very cute. Sure, Lorelai's humour did grate every once and again but whatever. It was a great journey and it ended well. Although I really thought someone would have married the way the series ended was great. No it was perfect. So sad, now what am I going to watch??

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  1. T got me into GG shortly after we started dating, and we watched obsessively every week until the series ended last year. I was disappointed with how it ended. Way too sappy. In fact, I thought the entire last season was pretty lame... it was a different team of writers than previous seasons.

    Sad that it's over. I look forward to re-watching from the beginning. I'm going to wait a few years before I do it though.