Monday After Mother's Day

Although 1-day late, Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's that may read this!

Every monday when I come into work I turn my laptop on which when clicking on Firefox will open to my "My Yahoo" page. One of the feeds I have on there is Post Secret so before I do anything else I always read the Sunday Secrets. Without fail I always cry. Always! This weeks secrets were mom-related for Mother's Day. I didn't get to far down before crying, as usual. Motherhood has made me much more of a sap, my feelings are more real now, or just seem that way. I feel I can relate much more to the family secrets then I would have say, 5 years ago even. Many of the secrets are heartbreaking. Lots are funny. And then there are some where I hope people are seeing help. But this weeks, they were touching. And, did I mention, I cried. I hate sitting at my desk with tears rolling down my cheeks. Luckily we have these cubes and its barely 7am and nobody can see me. If you've never read Post Secret check it out and have a few pieces of tissue handy.

On Friday my mom and dad came into town. I didn't see them until after work on Friday but the kids did stay at home with them and seemed to have had a great time running amuck with their grandparents. I left work a little early so my mom and dad could go out with their friends who were picking them up at 330pm. Saturday we went to breakfast nice and early and then headed to the Griffith Observatory. It's been years since my mom's been there so she was excited to see how it all turned out post-renovation. I was skeptical if my dad would have a nice time and he did. He really soaked in all the exhibits. The kids enjoyed it, more so K then V. K is fascinated by most things science related. Space, planets, anatomy, biology...his inner nerd really shines at the observatory. He even made my mom stay with him and follow the docent around while he spoke about all the different types of telescopes. It makes me super happy and excited to see him so thrilled about these things. I give V another year and a half and we'll see if he soaks this stuff up like his brother. Since dad had to be in the studio around 4ish we called it a day after the observatory. Since the kids wanted to hang with my parents T and I dropped them at home and we headed to Atwater for lunch at Canele (the yummiest eats in the hood). We weren't that hungry but we just wanted out of the house. T had a sammich: fresh baguette with thinly sliced pieces of salmon, capers, creme fresh and a little arugula salad on the side. I had a teeny apple cobbles with a little bit of creme fresh and a fresh squeezed blood orange mimosa. Yum! The serving size was perfect and didn't leave us hungry for more or stuffed. We walked down Glendale Blvd to check out some galleries and little boutiques. Soon after heading home dad was picked up by Mr. Cheese to go to the studio down off Sunset. They had a long recording session and dad stayed overnight at a hotel.

Sunday we went to breakfast at Fred 62 then picked my dad up from his hotel. Since it was nice and cool out and we figured things would be pretty empty for mother's day we took the kids to Adventure City. We got there as soon as it opened and I kid you not, for the first hour or two there were only about 20 people there. It was awesome. No lines. We stayed on rides to go around twice. The kids loved, loved, loved it. Thank god for Adventure City. Its inexpensive and the kids really have a great time since they are able to ride everything there. By the time we left all the post mother's day brunch crowd started showing up, our timing was wonderful. We were there for about 3 hours and the kiddos got in a great nap on the way home. We had an early dinner res for mother's day and some family friends drove over from Chino Hills to join us. Everyone seemed to enjoy Gaucho's which I was happy about since nobody really understood what it was when I told them. The kids went completely beserk when we got home. So much crazy energy! I was worried they wouldn't go to bed in time to wake up for school. At about 930 we finally gave up and and forced them into bed. I'm hoping T wakes them up and takes them to school at the regular time so they can get back on schedule.

Today my parent's are kid free. My dad has another recording session tonight which he is hoping won't go all night. God knows what they are doing today but they are armed with an automobile and I just ask they pick me up from the gym on time so we can get the kids from school on time.

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