Bullet Pointed

  1. I had five days off of work, Wed-Sunday, it was great
  2. T was in NYC/Toronto Wed-Saturday
  3. T went to Phoenix with Oren on Sunday and drove back a car O bought off of craigs list
  4. I was bumming. When I though he was back he really wasn't
  5. I'm shopped out. Mom wore me out as usual. I don't understand how one woman can shop soooo much
  6. We went to Target on Friday and they brought out all the Rogan stuff 2 days early. I was thrilled. Everything I remotely liked I bought.
  7. I've already returned a couple of items, tops.
  8. I thought Libertine was cute but Rogan blows it out of the water!!!
  9. Sunday, while T and Oren were in Phoneix, me, mom and the kids hung out at Mai's for pool fun and lunch
  10. Two day's back at work and I wish I had more then 5 days away from the office.
  11. Thursday afternoon we are heading to our house in 29 Palms for relaxation, joshua tree fun and helping the kids look for weirdo desert bugs.
  12. Did I mention mom is braving the desert with us.
  13. Yesterday my friend passed on an awesome movie site to me. It's better then the other one she gave. If you're not above this kind of stuff email me if you'd like to watch brand new movies (and old movies and recent tv shows etc) on your computer.
  14. Im in the process of lightening my hair. So far so good. Its slightly two toned, or as everyone else says "highlighted", at the moment but it looks okay. I got tired of my super dark, i.e. black hair, and am really wanting a nice, rich, shiny brown.
  15. In two weeks I'm getting a brand new water heater installed. I hope this lets me have super long bouts of hot water.
  16. I'm half way through season 6 of Gilmore girls. I'm getting a little sad since there is only one season left after this! I really want a happy ending!
  17. Taking mom to Canele tonight! super yums!

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