Cooler Days

Monday was mine and T's 7th wedding anniversary. 7.5 years ago when we were planning our wedding, setting a date etc, we totally spaced that May 5 is "Cinco de Mayo." It's funny to us now, but i'll tell you this, we'll never go out for Mexican food on our anniversary. We hired a sitter for Monday night and we had a wonderful dinner at Dusty's, a little French Bistro in Silverlake. The food was delicious! Our wonderful sweet friends called ahead and had a bottle of Champagne sent to our table soon after we were seated and at the end of our meal the restaurant sent over a couple of glasses of wonderful chocolate infused port! Yum!!! It was a nice evening and we even got home in time to put our kids to bed (they stayed up a little longer then they should have but all is good!)

Now Mother's day is around the corner and my mom will be here for the special day. I dont' know if we'll do something extra super special that day but i'm thinking of maybe, she and I, going out to dinner by ourselves leaving all those with testosterone home to fend for themselves. We'll play it by ear. since mom and dad will both be in town I don't want to plan to much because I know my dad and he'll probably make plans with his friends and then tell me about it the day of. Dad will only be here for 6 days, he's here for work. He has some studio time he's responsible for and has to make sure he has all his stuff recorded for Mr. Cheese before he leaves. Mom will be hanging around until the 26th, even heading out to the desert with us.

Not much has been going on, hence the lack of blog. I've been busy doing a lot of website stuff for our intranet. I must say i've carved a pretty nice niche for myself here at the big purple Y. It's a good thing and I love flying under the radar. A perfect day is to be left alone at my laptop with my headphones on doing my thing then heading home.

T and I finally got approval for our life insurance packages. I feel like a lot has been lifted off my shoulders getting that taken care of. We had to wait nearly 6 weeks after our medical exams to get an answer. But its approved.

Did you get an economic stimulus check? I was happy we got ours and thank god its been deposited. I don't really see it as free money since it basically allows me to recoup what I had to shell out for state taxes. But WOOT! for breaking even I guess.

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