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Works been hectic as hell. Been working on two things at once which normally is no big deal but for whatever reason this week it was. I felt like I didn't have enough hours in the day to do what I had to do. But I managed and pulled through as usual. By Friday 345pm I was outta there and couldn't wait for the weekend!

The kids school had "Parent's night out" again and it was awesome. The kids had a themed PJ party like lasted time and were counting on craft time, dinner and baking cookies. K was dead set on wearing his Jack Skeleton pjs so I made sure to throw it in the wash on Friday night. Did I mention Jack Skeleton is his new fave? Well, it is. Anyway he was thrilied to see the pjs come out of the dryer that when it was time to get dressed for the "party" he was more then willing to srip down. Once we dropped the kids off at their school T and I headed to Los Feliz. We hadn't been to wacko in a loooooong time so we hit it up first. We browsed the books for awhile and then checked o
ut the gallery, Le Luz De Jesus. We ended up dropping $$$ on random stuff (ugly dolls for the kids, a "lovie" jack skeleton and a Frosty figure ala Rankin-Bass and dueling good versus evil unicorns for my desk). Once we were finished with Wacko, which by the way was great, we drove down the street to have dinner at The Kitchen. The food was awesome and I even ate a little bit of calamari which is major for me since I normally don't eat seafood.

It was a nice evening. It's always pretty surreal to be out without the kiddos in tow. However it was much needed.

This morning we braved a breakfast outing with the kids to one of our favorite haunts, Fred 62. I've
been there pretty recently, well we both have but its normally when i have time off from work and T and I hit it up after dropping the kids off at school or when my mom is in town. We got there pretty early so we didn't need to deal with the typical weekend crowds. However I was surprised that the inside was packed. Although a bit chilly we sat outdoors and the kids loved it. They loved seeing all the buses going by and the people walking their dogs. I was surprised and how much better they behaved then when we sit indoors (note to self-look for restaurants with outdoor seating) After breakfast we went up to the Griffith Observatory since it no longer requires reservations and you can actually drive your car up. The kids had a great time and the renovations are quite nice. I can now put the location back on my rotation of things to do with visitors. The kids ran wild and we took a few nice pics.

After the observatory we headed down to Wilshire to go to the Peterson Museum. There were some exhibits that I knew the kids would love: The Art of Cars (the movie), La Vida Lowriders and Hot Wheels Anniversary exhibit. The lowriders were soooo rad. The kids really got a kick out of it. V couldn't get enough of seeing a lifesive Mater and Lightning McQueen. We took pics but he was happy just being held in my arms staring. It's been a crazy, fulfilling day and K has been sleeping for over 2 hours and V just woke up from his second nap and is just lounging around watching Dora. Quiet time is much appreciated and Im not rocking the boat with the little man next to me. I figure the longer I leave him alone is that much more time I have to myself. Selfish? Nah, this is sooo rare.

Oh yeah, I buzzed off all of V's hair and now he looks like a totally different kids. Pics will be on Flickr tomorrow.

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