Little Pleasures

This past friday the kids had an administration day at school which meant no classes. Of course we knew this for a few weeks so we planned to get out of town for the kids three day weekend. We decided on Vegas since its relatively close and there are a handful of things to do with kids in tow. We knew we didn't necessarily want to stay on the strip but we also wanted a place that had some sort of child care in case T and I wanted some adult time in the evenings. Lucky for us we found that the Red Rock Resort totally fit the bill. The resort is located a mere 10 minutes off the strip but crowd wise it felt a million miles away. It was perfect. We got into town well before our check-in time so we headed straight to Mandalay Bay to take the kids to the shark reef. Wow they really loved it. In fact, I had told them about the shark reef a few days ahead of the trip so when we were loading the car up on Friday morning I asked the kids "are you ready for vegas?" I received a unanimous "NO! Im ready for the shark reef!" Dang!!! Kids know what they want. Anyway the were in awe of the giant aquarium tunnels and seeing the sharks swimming over their heads was almost more then they could take. It's so heartwarming seeing the boys so excited about new experiences. We probably spent a good hour letting the kids take it all in.

We caught after work traffic heading to the hotel but it wasn't to bad. We finally pulled up to the hotel and it feels so far from the hub bub of vegas, but its not. It was so beautiful and so clean and very modern. We had a great room pretty high up in the tower and our view was amazing. We soaked in the entire strip from our window. The view at night was amazing with all the lights. The kids really loved the picture window. When we were in our room the kids parked themselves in front of the window talking to each other about everything they could see. We ordered room service for the kids taht evening. They had special a "kids menu" for room service so we ordered 2 kids mac and cheese and 2 milks. When the food was brought up T and I were SHOCKED! Those were the biggest kids meal we had ever seen. The two orders would have fed the four of us. In fact T and I felt obligated to eat some of the kids food so it didn't look like we wasted most of it. Once the kids were fed, washed up and changed we took them down to Kids Quest, located in the hotel. We were thrilled that Red Rock offered a safe, supervised place for our kiddies to go and hang out while we could eat dinner and play some "games" on the casino floor. The kids were totally psyched when we took them into Kids Quest, all though they weren't totally psyched when they realized we weren't going to hang with them but they got over it quickly (they always do). Anyway with the kids away T and I decided to play some slots and poker then go grab dinner at Hachi. The dinner was fantastic! T ordered a sushi platter and we split some tempura and braised short ribs. It was delicious. After dinner we hung out at the Craps table until it was time to get the kiddies.

Saturday morning we hit the buffet which was great. Not as crazy as the buffets on the strip that's for sure. Plus the kids ate free which is always fantastic. After breakfast we took them bowling and then swimming. It was a busy morning but we really wanted to make sure they got to experience everything they asked for (to an extent of course). After lunch we headed down to the strip to check out the Lion Habitat at MGM and take the kids to the insanely crowded M&M World. Okay, why is there an entire store devoted to M&M's? Who buys this stuff? I took the kids there cause they love the candy. I can get it from a kids/parents perspective on going there but there were people with no kids, in their 20s and what not. When I was 24-25 I could care less about going to a god damn M&M store, really, why would I waste my time? I was confused. Since V was asleep I let K pick out some candies and little toys for he and his brother. They love it and I've been very strict rationing out those candies. Saturday night the kids went to Kids Quest again, I ordered them dinner at the facility and T and I spent the eve gambling away our cash and having dinner at Cabo. We really wanted to eat at Terra Rosa but the wait was to long for our ADD. We picked the kids up a few hours later and K came barging out saying he had a great time and wish we left him there longer! Hahahahah...

Everyone slept in on Sunday. When K finally woke up he and I got dressed and headed down to the buffet together while V and T slept a bit longer. it was a nice, slow morning and we finally headed out of town at nearly 11. The drive back seemed quicker then going there but the kids were little pains. I think they really needed to burn off a bit more energy before leaving But we finally got home around 3. V was sound asleep K was excited to see his toys and T and I unloaded the car and while I unpacked he took the car to get washed and vacuumed up. It was a nice quick trip and something we really need to do more often!

Unfortunately even a quick trip doesn't keep T in town for a bit longer. He headed out to Colorado this morning. It's a short trip but still he's gone. We prepared the kids last night so this morning wasn't so bad with V freaking out. I'll be counting the days until Wed when he returns!

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