Late Sunday Night

Does your significant other read your blog? Mine doesn't. Never even asked for the URL, ever. I don't think he cares. His ear's will prick up if I say something in passing about posting something about him on here. There he gets weirded out saying I better not, its to personal, its to embarrassing its to "whatever." But truthfully, I don't want him to read it. I don't much write about him personally not to often anyway. I don't really use this forum to air my dirty laundry. I think if I knew he read this I might censor a little bit of what I feel like writing, even though half the time its pretty boring. But enough I about, I was just thinking out loud.

In the past two weeks T went out of town twice. 5 days in Phoenix then 3 days in Colorado. Fun times! Its really shitty when he travels. Things have gotten better with the kids. They are actually better behaved when he isn't around and I actually can get lots of house stuff done. I can't afford to be lazy when I don't have someone around to help me out. T has a couple of day trips coming up, those aren't to bad since he leaves in the morning and returns in the evening. But some time in May I think he has a couple of trips again, back to back like this past round. That will suck. My mom mentioned that she and my dad will be in town sometime in May since my dad has a recording session and mom will be tagging along. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this may overlap the dates T will be gone. But this traveling is killing me. Not so much because he's gone but because I feel kind of trapped. Like Im not getting the opportunity to get out and smell the roses so to speak. I mean, I'm torn. I want to go and get on a plane and go somewhere, anywhere really. But I actually enjoy going on vacations as a family. Hanging out with the kids and T (sans his crippling aid the Crackberry). When I mention the traveling to him he always has an excuse. No matter what. Suddenly its my fault. WHATEVER. I've told him I want to go with him on some trips but for whatever reason he says he'll be busy working. So? I want to go so I can get out of the house and be someplace different for a few days. I'm not afraid to explore a city on my own I just want a change of scenery. I'll get to the bottom of this one of these days. But with him one of these days will mean months and months from now. Ugh!
We had tickets to go see Meat Beat Manifesto on Saturday night but our sitter had plans of her own and we couldn't get a replacement. Sucks! Since Mai paid for the tickets I need to give her some money for our unused tickets. I was never really a big fan of Meat Beat but T claims to have liked them, although I beg to differ. As much fun as it would have been to hang out with my peeps Im not totally crazy with the idea of leaving the kids with someone new that they nor I really know. something came out of this though. T talked to one of the new sitters on the phone and she's got a great history and lives in the area. We're going to meet her for an interview when she's back in town and hopefully we can secure her one night a week so we can go out and eat or go to a movie or something.

Anyway the weekend was hot as hell! Where did that 90+ weather come from? It was disgusting and much to early for that heat! We drove behind the orange curtain on Saturday for a day of excitement and fun for the kiddos. I learned about a place called Adventure City. Its sorta amusement park sorta Family Fun Center for toddlers and young kids. Rides, games, petting zoo for the 2+ set The kids had a blast. We took them on nearly every ride and they had fun. We were to busy to notice the heat and sweat and sticky melty sunscreen on us. Definitely a place to keep in mind for the weekends. Today we hid at the mall. Nah, that wasn't the real reason. Mai and I wanted to hit up H&M to check out the Marimmekko stuff they released on Friday. The fabrics are so vibrant, mod and springy! I bought a couple pieces but I think one needs to go back. I bought a top, a knee length dress and a long maxi dress. The maxi dress is what might go back. As comfy as it is when I look in the mirror it just isn't me. Im going to hold on to it for a few days and try it on again and see how it goes. I wanted to like it but I don't know.

It's late. Im getting tired. I have a sleeping 3.5 year old next to me occasionally waking up and becoming disoriented from the glow of my laptop. Good Night.

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