Date Night With My Bud

Tonight Mai and I are having a girls "date night." We're planning on grabbing dinner in Burbank and then going to see an early movie of The Other Boleyn Girl. We're a bit late seeing this movie but its a rare instance that we do these things at night without the guys or babies for that matter. I'm looking forward to it. We have much goss to catch up with. Of course we're going to make time for Urban Outfitters since its right there, across the street from the theater.

So a weird thing happened on the way to work this morning. I backed out of the driveway, looked in my rear view mirror to change lanes and noticed something on the back of the car. It was a long stemmed pink rose pinned under the back windshield wiper. It was to late to stop and take it out and it kept distracting me every time I glanced in the mirror. I got to work, the rose was in tack but no note or anything. I told T about it and he was as creeped out as me. He asked if maybe Mai did it at night but I told him she would have texted me or I would find out this morning and she didn't say anything about it. I told him maybe he had a stalker. Hmmmm....totally random? Just plain weird!

Not sure if I mentioned it but a co-worker of mine had a major tragedy happen. He was expecting his first child and his wife was on bedrest at the hospital for awhile. The baby was born prematurely but doing good however just a day or two after the sweet girl was born my co-workers wife suddenly passed away from a pulmanary embellism caused by the bed rest. We found out last week and people were sobbing away. He was a good guy and at a time that should be so joyous for him this tragedy happened. The company has reached out to his family so generously and so did his wife's company (the evil big D). Emails have gone out about different things the company is doing for him and his baby as well as updating us about he service this past weekend. I can't get through 2-3 lines without tears streaming down my face. It's an awful, awful situation to be in and being a parent I feel his struggle, his pain, his loss. I can not picutre being in that situation. New dad and suddenly single parent. Our company has set up a fund for him and his little girl to make things a bit easier for him. T and I talked about it and I'm offering $100 to the fund. It's going to be a tough road for him and anyway I can help ease some of the struggle I'm more then happy to help! Individuals in our department have been more then generous people have reached out in so many ways. Emotionally. Financially. Even cooking meals to alleviate anytype of extra thing he has to do. His little girl is thriving but still in the NICU. He will come out of this stronger. I know he will!

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  1. Wow... how awful. Do I know this poor person?