The Boy Is Back In Town

T is back. He got back late last night. I was asleep in bed with the TV on by the time he got home. Im glad he's back. That was to much traveling in such a short period of time, especially since the last one spanned a weekend.

The kids have been awesome. I think they have adjusted to T's traveling schedule. They understand it's just me and they don't try to work it to their advantage. They do get to watch more TV then normal but that's about it.

I changed up my gym routine this week. 50% cardio and 50% weights. It seems to be a nice balance. With the weights i'm rotating the areas of focus at each session. I'm feeling the burn the day after but that good burn. The burn that you know something is right. I'm glad I finally have a gym buddy we keep each other honest and not punk out on the gym out of laziness. She had a trainer for a few years so she knows what her stretching and weight routine is as for me I'm still feeling out my target areas but my arms, waist area and butt/thighs is majorly important. It needs toning bad!

The new Gnarls Barkley. Have you heard it? I was not much of a Gnarls Barkley fan when "Crazy" came out. Crazy was catchy but totally overplayed almost as much so as "Hey Yeah" from Outkast. The new Gnalrs Barkly The Odd Couple is good. Really good. Its on constant rotation during my work day. There is no equivalent to "Crazy" on this album. "Run" has been getting quite a bit of airplay but there is no other song on the album that sounds like that. The album has some great beats, some darker sounding songs, Blind Mary and Whatever are probably my favorites. I forget that its Cee-Lo singing. Remember when Cee-Lo was just Cee-Lo? Remember when Cee-Lo's daughter was on My Super Sweet Sixteen? That was pretty hysterical. She showed up at her party in a helicopter but her party was almost canceled because she failed a class or quiz or test. That show needs to come back.

i can't believe its mid-april. where does the time go? I filed my taxes weeks ago and I have my state tax bill looming over my head. Since it only needs to be post marked April 15 i'm waiting for the last possible day to mail my check in. I'm not in any hurry. I hate owing money to the state, or federal for that matter, I feel like they take so much of my money as it is how dare they ask for more. I claim 0 deductions on my W4 so they take out a ton of taxes from my paycheck I can't believe they want more. Bastards.

The Burbank YMCAl has a public even on Saturday afternoon. It's a Kids Health Day and they are having some activities: entertainment, food, crats etc for anyone who wants to go. It's at the Burbank YMCA. Check it out if you have nothing else to do at the very least it'll kill some time. I'm just hoping the weekend will be nice and we can do some outdoorsy stuff. But that's 3 days away so we'll see.

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  1. I'm glad T is back and that everything went okay on your end. You know how much I workout because of TKD. Anyway, Ben and I have been using some different supplements for the last 6 six weeks or so, eating well, and doing a lot of TKD, and two of them are awesome for helping us keep going (being able to workout longer and harder), and for less post-workout muscle soreness. The stuff is a little spendy, but as cheap as I am, I have come to regard it as a necessity.