Another Hot One

Again, it was a hot weekend. Im not ready for the heat, not in the least! Saturday we went out for breakfast then spent the afternoon at home. The kids played in their pool and the Cohens came over to hang out. The kids had a lot of fun. But some time around 3-4pm all the kids started losing it. They were tired. When the Cohen's bailed we loaded our kids into the car and they passed out so we brought them back home and put them to bed. Later that evening we went to dinner with my parent's friends who were in town to watch their sons baseball game. Their son lives in Pasadena so he and a few of his friends were also there for dinner. I chose the restaurant and it was delicious! The kids were totally mental. I think it was a result of the second wind from their late nap. Oh well. Nobody seemed to care so I tried my hardest to be chill. We got home around 10pm or so and the kids crashed soon after.

Sunday was pretty relaxing. I really didn't want to do anything. And luckily the kids were fine playing with their toys. It helped that the house was much cooler then the outside so being home was a treat.

Mom and dad are coming up in about 2 weeks. Dad is here for work he has a marathon recording session and has no choice but to get all his tracks down before he leaves so Mr. Cheese can get his album out on time. I'll be taking the day off on his last day here and the next couple days. Mom will be staying longer and i'm even trying to convince her to come with us to the desert. We're reserving the house in the desert for Memorial Weekend again. I can't wait for the peace and quiet and the kids, specifically K, has been asking to go back out their again for months now. It'll be tons of fun! We talked to the manager of the property and he offered us an additional night for free and even gave us 10% off of our stay. I'm debating on the fourth night, i'm already taking 1 day off i'm not totally sure if I want to take another night. I'll think about it maybe I can work a half day and we can head out in the afternoon then I won't need to take anytime off. Wait, that could work. hmmm.....I'll need to talk to T about that.

So the plan this summer was to go to Hawaii in July and spend a few days on Maui and then the rest of the time with my family on Oahu. However, airfare is insane!!! I haven't seen it this crazy in awhile. I've warned my parents that we may have to skip it 'cause I can't pay double what we normally pay. It's just to much money. My parent's and other relatives are pretty bummed about it but what can we do. If we pay at current prices it will cost us nearly 3K to go to Hawaii. That is just insane! I get that its summer but whatever I don't' care about that. We may hold out until September or October to go back. I'm checking prices regularly in hopes there will be a glitch and tickets dip down considerably.

K spent a majority of last week at home sick. He had a fever and no other symptoms. V had the same thing but his was 24-hrs and he only missed Monday. K missed Tue-Fri. By Friday he was a better and he had no relapse over the weeeknd. It was weird though. He wasn't feverish all day just in the mornings and evenings. I was afraid we would be trekking him to the doctors today be he's good and back to his normal self. Last week was weird for me as I only came into the office on Monday and Friday. I was tempted to sit home with the kiddo on Friday and have an extra-extended weekend but the guilt, oh the guilt! To much for me to handle and damn catholic school upbringing, it instilled guilt in me. It's good I came in. I was able to get some work done that's been piling up and kid of tie up all my loose ends before the weekend. That's always therapeutic.

I have big box to mail to Jen in TX. Jen if you're reading this i'm mailing it UPS tomorrow so you should have it by Friday. I would talk about the gift but I don't want to prematurely give it away. She's having a baby so you figure it out.

Well my past week has been somewhat slow and uneventful so i'll stop now.

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