To Good To Pass Up

This was Xinh's Tuesday Ten which I only read this morning so we'll just pretend it's still Tuesday cause its to good to pass up.

Ten Places I'd Take a Tourist in My City
  1. Warner Bros studio tour. It's by far one of my favorite toursity things to do and every time you go its just a little bit different.
  2. Four Seasons for Brunch. For sure if my guest is all about checking out the celebs. That is the place to be.
  3. The Getty. Its beautiful and free.
  4. Beverly Hills to buy a cheesy Star Map then drive around looking at places like Paul Anka and Lucille Balls homes. Then supplement the tour with some of my favorite stalking routes.
  5. The boardwalk in Santa Monica/Venice
  6. Griffith Observatory then to The Trails for lunch
  7. Hollywood/Sunset Ranch for horseback riding up near the Hollywood Sign
  8. Downtown LA (i'm lumping Chinatown in) to check out the Moca, Disney Concert Hall, JTown, Bradbury building, Grand Central Market, Olvera Street, Chinatown
  9. Rose Bowl Flea Market or the Fairfax High Flea Market (depending on the dates they are visiting)
  10. Museums/Gardens of interest including any special museum exhibits that may be in town i.e. Body Worlds and the Science Center, Huntington Library including high tea
Maybe it seems boring, I don't know. It's stuff I like and stuff I think my guests would enjoy

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  1. Oooh. I forgot about Griffith Park Observatory since it's been closed since forever!