Taking The Plunge

For the first time since starting work for GoTo I am submitting my resume for an external job. Last week I was contacted by a recruiter via email. I kind of brushed it off, im pretty "comfortable" where I am now. (notice how I said comfortable and not happy/thrilled/ecstatic/loving my job?) But then a day later the recruiter called me, no clue how he got my number but he did. This recruiter is not a headhunter but an actual recruiter for big privately-held company XYZ. We chatted for a bit however I was still at work, at my desk, and asked if it would be possible to speak at a later date. He obliged and I finally got to talking to him yesterday. Job seems exciting, very challenging and rewarding. Awesome benefits some stuff Y currently offers and some stuff Y does not offer and some stuff they don't offer but Y currently offers and yeah, a friggin' awesome salary to boot! Recruiter guy asked me if I would like to explore further (I do) and if so if I could submit my resume to him by tomorrow morning. EEEEEKKKKKKKK........Here I go!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Good luck!! I've been throwing my resume at everything out there, seeing what sticks!