Randomness for your reading pleasure:
  • I have become addicted to the stupid Facebook Easter egg hung and get really bummed that I can only find and keep two eggs per day!
  • Work finally feels like its on an up swing. It's amazing what new projects can do for one's moral.
  • Today is part 1 of my 2008 dental extravaganza. I'm hoping its just a cleaning to ease me back into things.
  • Why are kindergarten applications due nearly 1 year ahead of when K is going to start school. And why can't I find a good public school in my neck of the woods?
  • Next week Monday some medical lab person is coming over to do some blood work and basic health assessment on T and I so we can get our Life Insurance policy drawn up.
  • T's got some big work stuff coming down the tubes which hopefully means less traveling but for sure will require less commuting to Santa Monica
  • Nutrisystem is going fantastic. On average, i'm losing 1.5 lbs every other day (I only weigh myself on Mon-Wed-Fri.)
  • I'm so excited for Easter. The kids are going to be so giddy.
  • In general life is good right now

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  1. I *love* that Easte Egg Hunt!! You can only have 2 eggs per day but you get egg points for any extra eggs and you can trade your egg points for munny and then buy things. I'm obsessed with buying Daniel new habitats because I feel he needs to have a roof over his head!