Parent's Night Out

This past Saturday eve the kids preschool held a fund raiser for Walk For Autism. Instead of having us sell stuff or buy stuff they held a parent's night out. That was so awesome. For a minimum $30 donation they had a PJ party with food, snacks, drinks, movies and activities. We dropped the kids off just before 5pm and T and I had an early dinner at The York, which was so peaceful and nice. They had a great selection of beers and a delicious albeit scaled down menu. T ordered the special which was a beer braised corned beef and cabbage with an herbed mashed potato and I ordered the cubano. T's food was unbelievably delicious!!!!!!!!! So flavorful and so tender. My sandwich was awesome. Like T's it was totally flavorful, in the past when I've eaten cubano's there was always lots of mayo and condiments but this was perfect. The pork was shredded so delicately and with the pickles, ham and cheese it was yummmmmmy! We took our time eating, and since it was so early it was not crowded at all. After dinner T and I wanted to get a little tattoo but were short on time. I told him to go but he told me since he owed me my birthday gift. It was between two little ones I've wanted for awhile and i choose the one I wanted longer. So I finally got my tooth tattoo in homage of my ongoing dental dramaz! Its a molar with a crown over it with a bright blue glow behind it. Everytime I look at it I laugh which is exactly what I was hoping for. It's small, on my right arms and its one of those perfect little tattos that fills up the negative space on my arm. once the redness goes down i'll post a pic so you can laugh too.

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