Balloon Animals

Weekends always seem to fly past in the blink of an eye. Spent some time with the Cohens this weekend. Seems like forever since we've seen them. It was nice to catch up but oh so cruel on Friday night. We went over to their place for dinner. I was real good. I packed my nutrisystem food with me including sides and "dessert," Oren went out and bought dinner for he and Tand I guess if we wanted any. He brought back RIBS! BBQ! Man o man did that smell good. I was really good. I had the teensiest nibble of a BBQ'd link from T's plate. It was yummy. But my food wasn't terrible so I was okay. I was just really proud of myself for not scrapping my food for pure evilness. I was finally able to give Mai her birthday gift which was practically a surprise for me too since I nearly forgot about all the goodies I wrapped up. We were there a lot later then I expected mainly due to the fact the T and Oren drank and drank and drank. They were drunk. Poor Oren, though, his kid puked up a bunch of curdled milk and he had to clean it up. I didn't drink but was gagging like crazy. That was our queue to go home!

We took the kids to travel town on Saturday afternoon. We met the Cohens there. They had never taken the kiddies before so it was a first for them. I think there little girl loved it and had fun. It was packed. The most crowded I've seen in a long time: Birthday Parties Galore. Our kids kind of infiltrated one train car but the dad was cool and told us to go check it out if we want. Mai and I chalked up his coolness purely on the fact that he was totally sleeved and kind of looked like one of us since we were all tattooed and blue haired (Mai). After an hour or so we were starving and went to Eat Well for lunch. I packed a lunch because I didn't know what the plan originally was however I felt uncomfortable eating my bag lunch at a restaurant but I was reallllll good. I ordered egg whites and a grilled chicken breast with some salsa on the side. The lunch was very filling and turns out pretty lo-cal.

So, yesterday I woke up and looked at my phone and was shocked to see it was 9am and K was still asleep and T and V had just woken up. I was kinda pissed actually. I wanted to get to the farmers market at 9 before it got really crowded. Since we were up so late we actually decided to go to a different farmers market instead of our usual so we went to the Hollywood market instead. We got dressed, packed the kids stuff and headed out. We go in the car and I was surprised that the car said 9 although it felt like an hour had gone by. We sat there confused for a few minutes and looked at each other and at the same time said "daylight savings!" FUCK!!!! How did I not know this? I hate DST...it messes with my internal clock for about a week. So it was really 10am. God damn it!!! We get to the market and it is crazy crowded! Normally we like to stroll through farmers markets and really take our time, and in Studio City, let the kids ride the ponies and paly in the petting zoo. But this market was so packed that we took one pass through buying all the fruits and veggies we wanted, got some balloon animal (dinosaurs) for the kids and split. Since our parking was good until 5pm we strolled through Hollywood for a little bit. About 1-2 blocks away from the market I saw my friend Matt crossing the street. So totally random!!! We became good buds at jury duty last summer. It was awesome to see him and catch up a little bit. K was acting crazy so I told him i'd shoot him an email and i should get going. I really wanted T to meet him but T crossed the street just as I saw Matt crossing from the opposite direction.

I was able to complete my taxes yesterday. Since I had such a great experience using Turbo Tax last year I used it again this year and efiled. I've already received confirmation of receipt from the IRS and the date my refund will be direct deposited. I was kind of pissed doing my taxes though. Last year we had a big fat refund from the federal and the state but not this year. I'm getting a small refund but i'm also having to owe the state money! Bastards. In a nutshell i'm basicaly breaking even.

I don't really want to write about religion but have you read the article about the Vatican listing some new sins?

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