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I've been MIA for a while. I took last Thursday and Friday off of work and pretty much vowed to keep off the computer. Since mom was here I wanted to spend time hanging with her. We spent those two days doing what we do best eating and shopping and strolling around checking out the sights. Upon dropping the kids off on Thursday I ran a couple of errands and we stopped for breakfast at Vivians near Universal City. I was surprised at how busy the place was on a Thursday morning. There were people there obviously doing a business breakfast but there was still a handful of customers just kinda chillin like mom and I. We took our time ate, people watched and gabbed. We really didn't know what to do that day. Mom wanted to check out the furniture places on Robertson and Melrose but I told her that although they were nice she would be shocked at the prices and outside of Casa Armani many of the stores had the same stuff. She agreed we thought long and hard on what to do and decided on Old Town Pasadena since neither have us have been in a long time. We walked around for awhile and checked out a lot of stores. We tried getting a hold of her godson to join us for lunch but he didn't get her message on time. Oh well no big deal.

Friday we went to Alcove, which is probably my second favorite place to eat, for breakfast. I was totally psyched to get the steel cut oatmeal and fruit for breakfast but when I looked at the menu I totally changed my mind and chose banana pancakes with apple chicken sausage. Mom really enjoyed breakfast and was happy we stopped there. I figure if she enjoyed their lunch she would love their breakfast. Like Vivian's the place was packed! What do these people do? We strolled around 3rd street and around the Beverly Center for the afternoon and traffic was a total bitch to and from the area. For lunch we went to Joans, which I haven't been to in ages. The remodeled space is ginormous and they now sell much of their foods in pre-packaged regrigerated/frozen portions to take home. Yum! We just ordered some delicious sandwiches and drinks and were lucky to score a nice outdoor, sidewalk table. Jason Bateman, his wife and Natasha Wagner were seated right next to us and I must say he's pretty hot in person! I couldn't help but stare since he was sitting right across from me and all I could think of was how his character was so creepily into Juno in "Juno." T was to return home from Toronto on Friday night but his flight kept getting delayed, first due to the incoming flight being late and then second due to "mechanical" reasons and weather. Ultimately he didn't get home to nearly 2am!

On Saturday we all went to the Natural History Museum. As usual we all had a good time. All the way home we did a drive by on a house we're interested in. Unfortunately there was no open house this weekend but we're planning on just having our realtor take us in for an appointment. The house was super cute, it has much of the features we are most interested in however it has a bit less square footage then we would like but that is offset by a few things. We'll see. But we want to make sure we explore all our options.

On Saturday night T and I went to Canele for dinner (this is the most favorite place to eat). There was a wait but we were willing to tough it out. Dinner was nice, we got to talk and catch up on the weeks events. We ordered a fantastic bottle of wine and really took our time with the meal. If you're looking for someplace new to try I would highly recommend this place.

Sunday was mom's birthday and the plan was I was going to take her for brunch at the Four Seasons. However she called a friend of hers in Vegas and invited her along. So instead of the just the 2 of us there were 5 of us. Thank god they were able to accommodate us at the same time. The food was fantastic as usual. The people watching was awesome. My mom's godson had his jaw on the ground most of the afternoon, checking out the ladies. Im glad everyone enjoyed themselves and ate themselves into a near food coma!

Mom delayed her trip one extra to day to hang out with her friend. It actually works out pretty good because T is going into Santa Monica tomorrow and will be able to take her to LAX.

Today I am starting Nutrisystem. Mai and I ordered the food a few weeks ago and I was holding off from starting until mom was ready to leave. So here I am with my Nutri-foods. I really can't speak about the food taste since I've only had breakfast so far. It isn't to bad though because you still need to supplement with fruits, veggies and dairy/proteins so the meals are pretty robust and filling. But i'll keep you posted if you care.

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