As Oren Said "Happy Zombie Jesus Day!"

We celebrated Easter at the Cohens and it was wonderful. Mai had been planning the menu all week so I knew it was going to be good. We were laying low on Saturday since we knew Sunday was going to be extra fun filled.

Saturday I woke up with the urger to clean and organize. Does this happen to anyone else? I had it in my mind that all the laundry was going to get done, the crap laying around the house was going to be put away or thrown out, and the kids closet was finally going to get cleaned. I started with laundry. I find that laundry is a nice way to ease into the chore routine. You just kind of load it up and let it run its course and its almost instant gratification (until its dried and you have to fold of course). I did a few other things and realized I wanted to make a quick stop at Home Depot for some little bins and new battery for the drill and T wanted to pick up to more red plum or red maple trees (whichever one we have planted in back now) sadly they only had a few taller versions that weren't looking to healthy. We got the kids down for a nap and I cleaned and watched some TV and once they were awake we dyed some Easter eggs. I waited until last week to buy egg dye and all the normal PAAS dyes were gone so I had to get these weird dyes like "Make Camo Eggs" gross! They had grey and olive green which looked like mud covered eggs, in addition to a few favorite colors like pink, purple and green. Pink was the favorite as it had the brightest color.

Sunday was awesome. The kids opened their baskets from the Bunny and loved their gifts. They began gorging on candy at 8am and that's all they wanted. Whatever, it's Easter and we don't normally eat much sweets so we let them have a go at it. We headed to the Cohens around 1230 and the kids were super excited because they new the egg hunt was happening at their place. The kids played for a bit and then it was lunch. The spread was fabulous: brisket, honey backed ham, fancy mac and cheese (with bacon), scallopped potatos, Hawaiian sweet rolls, grilled brussels with bacon and yummy dessert. The kids were most ineterested in the rolls and some mac and cheese but mainly wanted to watch Peter Cottontail and play with their toys. After dessert we had the egg hunt. It was perfect and the kids were so sweet they made it a point to help little Avery get some eggs in his basket. Once the egg hunt was done the kids got even more easter baskets with more candy and more toys. They were all super, duper excited. At one point the playroom was completely trashed with candy all over the place. We cleaned it up, scolded the dads for not watching and then continued taking care of the kitchen. Eventually all the toddlers wound up in the pool have a great time and putting a fun filled ending on a really fantastic day!

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  1. Oh my gosh I made camo eggs this year too! I must admit that I picked the kit out on purpose. I thought it was a cool spoof on easter eggs. Did you take any pictures of yours? I still have to get mine loaded onto my blog.