All The Same

I survived 5 days flying solo with the kiddos. It really wasn't that bad and was probably one of the smoothest single parent weeks ever. However, T is now home. He arrived back yesterday, late morning. The kids were thrilled to see him at the airport. So much so that I no longer ranked as their BFF that day. That's quite alright I surely soaked up my downtime. After picking T up he knew that we really needed to be out of the house. You see on Saturday we were cooped up at home all day. My choice of course. Why? Because the kids are at an age that they really want to show their independence and being in a stroller all day does not allow them to do that. And one of the main features of showing their independence means not going along with each other and instead take off in opposite directions which leaves me in quite a pickle! Thus, I don't go anywhere with them when I am alone with no other adult to help me out. It's okay though, it was one day and it very, very, very rare that T travels over a weekend.

Nutrisystem is going really well. I fell off the wagon on Saturday due to an insane migraine. I know eating chocolate curbs the numbing feeling so I age a few peanut butter eggs and drank a diet coke (or two) and it did take some of the edge off. All in all I've lost about 13 pounds, maybe more now but that is since my last weigh in. I plan on continuing through the spring and into the summer. I have a family reunion to go to people, I want to look somewhat recognizable since the last one I attended.

T's company recently merged with a former competitor to make one larger, stronger company. His "new" boss is located in Colorado and has been hinting, well, "suggesting" that we move out there to be closer to home base. Although he doesn't have to move and he's fine with us being out here it is something to consider. However, since T broke the news to me I've been feeling kind of stressed. I think I need to let it go. We're taking off for Vegas Friday morning so i'm hoping it'll let me clear my head and think things through.

Over the last week my allergies have been acting up. The kids are getting hit as well, runny noses, itchy, watery eyes and coughs. We've been on allergy meds off and on and today i'm gettig hit hard. I took non-drowsy claritin and I feel as though it has sucked the life out of me. Im tired and really want to lay down. Today is my gym day and I don't want to go. Just thinking about not going is making me feel a little bit shitty about myself. ugh!

I'm really digging Manu Chao. I've been listening to him nearly daily and really need to add him to my iPod. Some songs are in english and some in spanish but either one is so relaxing and beautiful!

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