Today is Raining

We're getting rain again. Woo Hoo. I love the dry weather but we do really need the water. My yard really needs the water. But no more weather talk.

On to other news. I only made it to the gym once this week which is a bit diappointing. I need to up my gym attendance to 4 times per week. I need to figure out a way to include 2 more days into my schedule. I'm thinking mid-day, pre-lunch or so. I'm hoping I can get this worked out so I can get started ASAP. That way I can split my work out to 2 days cardio 2 days weights. Once I can get my workout under control i'm going right back on the cleanse. I noticed a big difference since stopping. My energy has dipped and i'm feeling heavy and bloated. Ive changed my eating habits and have actually been doing really well. Im not cutting out all the goodness but saving it for the weekend and in moderation. Its tough but i'm surviving. Although the entry below will totally negate this but this was a special night out!

Friday night was Oren't birthday show at the Key Club. We had our sitter come by really early so we could make a full night of it. I invied Mo and Ro along cause I thought they would enjoy it. We got the kids ready so Vanessa didnt need to worry about dinner and getting them ready for bed, we took care of that for her. Just after 7 we headed out. We had 815 reservations at Ketchup and showed up right on time. We were lucky and didn't endure to much traffic into West Hollywood even though we did have a 20 minute wait after our reservation time came and went. No biggie we had nothing but time. People watching was in full effect and it was gooood....there was a table of girls and some were dressed nice and classy and a few were totally slutted up it was AWESOME. The host placed them on a high table which was fitted with barstools so when the main slut tried hoping down she ran into trouble. Her dress was short. No wait, beyond short, it was a shirt really. Anyway when she was trying to get down her dress was wrapped around her waist. It was classic. At this point I didn't see her entire dress. A few minutes later she decided to parade around the table and that's when I got to view the entire disaster. Not only was her dress super glittery and super short the top was kind of a halter except everything covering the chest and boobage area was open and she had on a white bikini top with everything hanging out. I couldn't take my eyes off of it and would have loved to get a pic if it wasn't so obvious I was doing so. So once we were seated we went all out with the ordering. Appetizers: 2 orders of Barking Dogs (mini Kobe beef chili dogs), 3 some (3 different types of fries: garlic, seasoned and cinnammon and 5 types of ketchup: original, chipotle, rance, sweet and sour and mango) Drink: sodas and a grape crush marini for me (absolute, sweet and sour and grape kool aid: good but deadly) Entrees: A-BBQ Chick (bbq chicken breast, grilled corn on the cob and garlic mashed), T-Kobe steak, grilled veggies and lobster mash, Mo - Sloppy Joe and Fries and Ro - baby back ribs (that totally, no joke, fell off the bone) mac and cheese and grilled veggies and we all shared a side order Mac and Cheese which was fanfuckingtastic (mac and cheese with truffle oil and dungenous crab) that bowl was licked clean!!!

After dinner we headed over to the Key Club where Orens show was happening. The downstairs private club was rented out for the show so we got in free. Since we still had lots of time we went upstairs to watch the big show happening in the Key club. We were pleasantly surprised that it was a big ol psychobilly show with the Meteors headlining. We watched the show for a bit and I was surprised at the crowd. The last time I saw the Meteors was in Seattle and the crowd consisted mostly of punk rockers but the show on Friday had a big rockabilly crowd which I get the corralation but cmon now 40s pinup garb at a psychobilly show seems a bit much. I can understand a more punk rock twist to it but not full on pinup. Whatever, maybe i'm just old. But back to Oren's big show. It was good, reminded me of Fugazi or early Sonic Youth. It was great to see him doing what he loves since we rarely get to see that side of him. Mai was excited too since she's never seen her man perform live before. It was a good night but my group, we were all tired, we had worked a long full day.

Yesterday was low key. We had to head down to Garden Grove and take care of paperwork regarding T's father. His dad is sick. Beyond sick even. He recently moved into a hospice and there's still drama floating about with the dad's wife who's a total and complete nut case and i'm not exaggerating. I won't go into to much detail in such a public place but its been tiring on T. But we went down there so T could confirm some paperwork and leave his John Hancock.

Debating if we should head to Hawaii in April.


  1. Hope you have a great B-day!

  2. ((hugs)) for T's Dad and for your family!