TGIF Already?

I saw a funny card yesterday. It was on a girls desk and it said, "Happy Singles Awareness Day." I had never heard that expression before. I told my single friend about it and she was like, "so true!" We don't celebrate valentines. I gave T a card mostly cause i thought it was hysterical. It said I (heart) Stud then a big cupcake/muffin with big muscley arms protruding out and inside it said "That's why I love you." It was really cute and funny. Beyond that we don't do Valentines Day. Instead Ms Mai came over for dinner. I broke my healthy eating for one night and picked us up Dinah's (in the 'dale not in Culver City) and it was delish! I'm glad she came over and the kids could play and get all tired out.

The kids brought home a ton of swag from school. Cards, candies, little toys it was crazy. The kids made cards at school and the mailed them to us from the kids. It was so cute getting mail from K and V.

I'm taking some bereavement time off from work next week. I'm hoping T will let me help him with stuff. He's been so exhausted taking care of his dad's affairs not necessarily due to the amount of stuff but all the drama I won't mention here with his father's wife. I feel bad for him but he hasn't opened up to me about what he's feeling and as a result I don't want to over step anything in case he feels like dealing with this on his own. I've done what I can do but he is staying pretty quiet. Which is sad because I think its affecting his entire mood and i know why he's acting a certain way and as much as i'm annoyed by it I know he needs time. A person can only take so much and at some point i'm gonna have to say something. I think he's using today as his big "gather my thoughts, think and grieve" day. He mentioned something to me about last weekend and how he just wanted to be alone so hopefully this helps some. I've restrained myself and haven't called or contacted him in any way shape or form. I'm just giving him his space right now.

Anyone know of anything exciting going on around town this weekend? Family friendly of course

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  1. There is Adventures with Clifford the Big Red Dog in Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. 10a-5p. http://www.calendarlive.com/family/635401,0,7343627.event