Sunny Days Are Here

Today is my first day back to work since last Wednesday. Although I was sick I had time off for bereavement. The timing was okay since I got to stay in bed and rest (sorta). I have a hard time sitting still so on Thursday I cleaned my house. By the time T got home with the kids the place was spotless! It was nice but I knew it wasn't going to last as long as I wanted it too. Friday was a lie around kind of day. I watched a lot of stuff I had recorded and finished up Disc 3 of Gilmore Girls Season 3. Have I mentioned to you that I'm watching that? We'll circle back.

There are a few blogs I read regularly and on one of them they mentioned that there was skiiing and snow play up on the 2 in Angeles National Park so we checked it out. We bought some tubes and packed a bag of clean clothes, towels and lunch/snacks and headed up. In about 40-45 minutes we were in fun snow. The kids had a blast and have been asking to go back every day.

If you're my Flickr friend you can see the rest of the set. It was fun times!!! And I hope this weeks warm weather doesn't melt everything up there because I'm hoping we can make at least one more trip up over the weekend. Here's info on the skiing.

Saturday night we went to Gaucho's for Mai's birthday. It was meat, meat and more meat all on swords! Yum! Saturday night's at Gauchos is fun because they have the Brazillian dancing girls and boy do the kids love it. For such a packed restaurant they are totally cool with us and our tribe of small ones who are normally jumping on the benches and what not. One not cool thing was this Saturday was the first time they charged us for the "bigger" kids, normally that never, ever happens and $18 for K's food is sooooooo not worth it!

Sunday was a totally lazy hazy kind of day. We spent a ton of time at home, playing with the kiddos and they loved it!

Monday was another major cleaning day. Since T was heading out to Toronto on Tuesday morning and mom was arriving I wanted to make sure the place looked pretty decent. Besides cleaning V's big boy bed was delivered. I went all out with his bed and got him a nice pillow top bed. It was such a deal because Sears was having a 60% mattress sale for Presidents Day weekend so it was totally worth snatching up the bed. I snuck off to Target for a little bit of the morning to pick him up some sheets and a new comforter. I wanted his new bed to look all jazzed up when he got home. K was jealous of course but I think by the time bed time rolled around he was over it.

Mom arrived at 645 or so this morning. We took the kids to school and had breakfast together before she dropped me off at work. I'm only in the office today and tomorrow and I took Thursday and Friday off so we can hang out together.

Now that most of my illness is gone I'm back on my cleanse. I love doing it. I feel so much more energetic and less bloated. And i'm back on my good eating habits. Lots of water, lots of fruit and nuts. Ive been much more conscious of my food lately especially after reading that book "skinny bitch." Have you read it? It is truly gross!!!!!!!!!! It's like Fast Food Nation but grittier. I'm not going Vegan but it really opens your eyes to what you put in your mouth. Its worth the read. The Omnivores Dilemma is another good read although I haven't finished it yet but so far so good! On a separate note Mai and I ordered Nutrisystem. She started her program but I haven't. I'll start on March 3, when my mom leaves. It looks promising and much more "robust" (and I use that term extremely loosely) then I expected. I'm very excited to get started.

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