The birthday wishes yesterday was awesome! Thank you!!!

Today is the primary elections, I need to remember to vote after work. The polling place is literally across the street from my house so I don't have any excuses. I need to read up on my main candidates and figure out which is right for me. I have an idea as it is but I want to really make sure. I read up on the folks that I have no intention of voting on and some crazy stuff has come out of their mouths. Voting is so exciting such a privilege. I really get so upset when people tell me they don't or didn't vote. For one thing they have no right complaining about anything happening in the world regarding our country and two when someone I'm not crazy about is in office and they didn't vote and would have voted in the other direction who would have known what could have been. The same holds true when I find out someone voted but they voted for the low man on the totem pole that had no chance of hell in winning. The last election there was no clear candidate I wanted to be president I just knew who I didn't want to be as president so I voted for his competitor. But this year I want to make an informed vote. An educated vote. The best vote for me. Enough about voting.

Let's talk porno for a sec. Some of you know the area of biz my husband deals with some may not but don't think that will weigh much here, i don't know. Anyway my husband went into his Santa Monica office last week to pic up some holiday gifts that his clients left for him (and for the record Y gave him a better gift then we got as employees) anyway the main dude from Vivid dropped off some Kim K Superstar DVDs which T brought one home for me cause I was talking about it when it came out. If you don't know what that is its the Kim Kardashian and Ray J's (Brandy's lil bro) sex tape, or as they say "the video they TRIED to hide, uh huh. Last night I watched it and it was the most uncomfortable, cheezy thing I've seen. It totally puts the pam and tommy video to shame. Granted Tom and Pammy were much more graphic this one was just cheezy and vile. Ray J looks and poses in the camera A LOT! and that video is maybe 20 minutes long with maybe 7-10 minutes of porno that sliced and diced and looped for all interested parties. If I bought this DVD I would want my money back. I wonder if they were paid a lot? I mean its not a leaked sex tape if all parties are signing an the dotted consent form. Total Grossness! And Kim's nekkid butt is badonkulous just as suspected.

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