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I remember seeing the Dead Milkmen at the (old) Aloha Tower. I think I was a freshman in highschool. I went with my friends Karma and Joey, both of whom went to my all girls Catholic school. We were kinda the ones that didn't quite "fit in." Well there were a few of us there but I'm just talking about the three of us. Karma and Joey were one year ahead of me and brought me along with them. I had been listening to the Dead Milkmen in junior high and loved the Big Lizard in my Backyard album. So I was so excited. I remember back then the concert tickets looked more like business cards. It was basically small, yellow wiht black letters saying DEAD MILKMEN. ALOHA TOWER. DATE AND $12, and you know what it really may have been only $12. Lawbyrd, remember how cheap tickets were for shows in Hawaiii and how we would balk at $20-$25 shows? It was so, so, so much fun. We got right up front and once the show started a mosh pit started directly behind us. I turned my back to the show so I could check out the pit and some chica got pushed into the mess and she was in heels. She was getting rocked and pushed all over the place. Suddenly I saw her barreling towards me and next thing I know is the feeling of hot pain. At first I didn't realize what it was then I looked down and realized that the f*cking heel of her show which by the way was stilettoish, had been jammed into the top of my foot (what the hell kind of show was I wearing????). It broken skin and it hurt like a mofo. But then just as I was gettin' all worked up from the pain "Bitchin' Camero" started and suddenly I didn't care anymore. The pain was gone. By the next morning it was all scabbed over and it was like nothing happened.
Here's some Dead Milkmen (seems like this was the only actual dead milkmen video on youtube):

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