I Can Cry If I Want To

Today is my birthday. Happy day to me. :)

But on to other news. Did I mention that V got sent home with a 100.2 fever on Friday? He did. It freaked me out a little because my friend's kids have come down with the flu and we were with them the previous night. Luckily it was a fluke thing and he totally recovered. I mean on Friday night I had a sitter and I let her know he was warm but had taken some Motrin and to let me know if his fever comes back or he gets unruly. But no call or anything he bounced back like the fever never happened. Unfortch my friends kiddies are still out of commission and frankly I don't want our kids to coexist anywhere until the Cohen tikes are feeling better.

K is now potty trained. I forget if I mentioned that yesterday. But he is and he's got quite the underwear collection. He is a little confused about the boxer brief. He doesn't believe they are his underwear and said they look to much like shorts. But he'll get used to it can't wear ball huggers forever. I'll just need to figure out how to get him out of overnight pull ups.

I am guilty of buying lots of books from Amazon and taking forever to read them. The book i'm currently reading I started over the summer and am still only half way through. Its not that I don't like to read its finding the time to read. The book is The Athiest Universe and its very interesting and I am enjoying it but its difficult for me to read because its very technical but I like it. The Ominvores Dilemma is put on hold for now. I"ll probably let my mom borrow it before I get to read it. Anyhow I ordered two more books last week. One for T called World War Z. Its a zombie book and takes place in the future after the zombie wars. I bought myself a book i've been dying to read actually i want to read all her books including the new one, i digress. I bought myself Stiff which is a book about The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. Her second book is called Spook about science and the after life and her newest book Bonk is about Science and sex. So excited to read them all! These will be quick reads normally I can predict that just by subject matter. Stiff may trump the Athiest Universe or I may read them simultaneously. Only time will tell.

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