Again with the Sniffles

I'm sick again. Its the thing thats going around. I know kids who have it and adults who have it. Where I got it, god only knows. I started feeling ill on Monday. I was at Mai's and ever so slowly I started feeling more and more tired. Not lazy but tired. I gathered the kids up round 2 and headed home. They fell asleep in the car and I thought I was safe. Took K in first he went right down and slept for 2.5 hours. Took V in but he woke up within minutes. No nap for me. I brought him out to the living room with some snacks and a drink, by then what ever virus is in my body started attacking me all at once. T was in Vegas for the day so I couldn't call him to come straight home. I put on V's favorite cartoons, propped him next to me on the couch and I shut my eyes. Only occasionally opening them when he spoke to me. 7pm, when T would be rolling up the drive way, couldn't come soon enough. Things got worse when K woke up, which by now I was in pain major major pain. I could barely move, I had severe chills, my hands were going numb I was so cold. I felt so bad I couldn't get K a cup of chocolate milk I was so sick and he kept reminding me how thirsty he was. I directed him to the Dixie cups in the bathroom and to fill up some water from the dispense in the kitchen. I felt like an awful, neglectful mom but I really couldn't help it. I was so sick. T finally got home and I went straight to bed. I didn't shower. I didn't change. I just curled up in bed "as is." The heat was blaring, I was so cold. About an hour or two later I shut the heat off cause the room got to warm and stuffy. Hours later when no more heat was lingering in my room I started feeling very hot. I stripped down to my underwear. About an hour later I woke up feeling disgusting and hot. No heat on, my comforter over half of me, nothing but underwear on and I was sweating like a crazy person. I had beads of sweat rolling down my body. Patches of my comforter that was on my body was also dreanched in sweat. It was gross! As much as I didn't want to go to work the next day I dragged myself out of bed the next morning to take a hot shower. I did go to work. I was miserable and sore but I came in. I didn't want to but I have a time sensitive project that I'm doing and i'm out of work for bereavement beginning Thursday.

Today I feel shitty. No surprise, huh? I still need to finish the project but I'm having some technical difficulties.

I really want to get better as quickly as possible. I have a big surprise for the kids on Saturday and I just want to be well enough to take them. No hints or clues here. Gotta wait for my post weekend post.

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