Weekend Recap - #1 for 2008

  • I had saturday day to myself. First time in a long time. T took the kids to his cousins in Bell Canyon. How did I spend my lovely solo day? Cleaning and running errands! Boooooring.
  • Us and the Cohen's took the families to Hooters for dinner on Saturday night. Surprishingly it was a perfect place to take the kids, it was so loud in there that it totally drowned out any cries/screams/silver banging on tables noises. We were prepared for the gut bombs we were going to eat for dinner but totally went for broke. Wings, fried pickles, mini burgers, curly fries, shrimp, and lots of grilled sandwiches. To top it off we ordered 3 of the 4 desserts they offer. Yum! I can almost guarantee we'll go back. Hey the waitresses quickly got on the kids good side giving each child I Hooters balloons. After dinner we spent some time with the Cohen's at their place where it didn't take long for 2 of 4 kids to go into complete meltdown mode.
  • I FINALLY purchased T's xmas gift. And boy is he happy. I was gonna get him golf lessons, although I'm not sure why he wanted golf lessons in the first place. My first instinct prior to golf was to buy him an old car since I buy tons of shit throughout the year, aka purses, and he doesn't spend extravagantly. I ran it pass him but he said it was to much. But with a certain turn of events he changed his mine. So I bought him a cute little prezzie he's been wanting forever. He snagged a 1975 BMW 2002 from me and the boys. He wanted a daily runner but still a little project so he can make it his own. And I found one that was totally reasonable, tons of power and it drives fine. He is more then ecstatic.
  • After the slowest past week ever I'm finally ready to face work in 2008. I took it slow last week. really, really slow. So slow in fact that a project that I could have wrapped up in one day last week has dragged over to this week and now I have no choice but to be done with it since I need to present it tomorrow. I hate when that happens, however, I do need that pressure to actually get my ass in gear.
  • The rain this weekend was awesome! We need more of it. I've never lives anywhere before where a little bit of rain makes everyone lose their common sense of the rules of the road. People in Southern California drive like shit when the rain comes down. So much so that I would rather not drive on a freeway. Last night we had to drive over to Northridge to pick up the title of the car, and of course, when we decided to go was when it was pouring. We drove there on the 101 and people were either speeding like idiots or driving dangerously slow. The right lane sucked cause of all the puddles but it was almost scary to change over the way people were blazing down the roadway sometimes straddling two lanes. UGH! On the way home we took Victory ALL THE WAY to Glendale. It took forever but I didn't feel like I was gonna puke and it was pretty empty roads all the way home.
  • i went back to Target and bought more xmas wrap. 29 cents per roll of paper, gift bags were about the same. I bought some metallic garland which i never use normally but for 59 cents/12 ft I bought 24 ft and figured I could use it for a holiday party. I love cheap after holiday sales.
  • Still looking at property. I talk to my realtor right now and she was saying that the market is kinda weird right now. Lots of property going into escrow but falling out soon after because the lending falls through. Yeah I don't know what to do. We've been looking out of state and also alternatives like a bigger place in palm springs for part-time living. I dont know its all up in the air. and on top of all that i don't really want to sell my current house and would much rather rent it out. I don't know, check back with me on this later.

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