Post MLK Weekend

It's 11.04am and I'm starting my 2nd double americano. Yum! I need my morning caffeine. When I don't have it I feel a little frazzled and my day feels completely turned around. I'm busting ass this week, even with my ADD kicking in, I'm doing my hardest to concentrate and get this project completed. I have about 10 work days before its due and I think I reached my "aha" moment and now have total direction in how to handle and execute. But enough about work.

Like my kids, I too had a 3 day weekend. Sometimes I dread long weekends. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love being with my kids but really it can be tiring having two toddlers roaming the house for 3 days straight. T and I racked our brains on how to handle the long weekend. Ultimately we decided to spend the entire 3 days in Carlsbad and take the kids to Legoland. We left late morning on Saturday and there was tons of traffic until we reached Anaheim. When we finally reached Carlsbad we stopped at the beach to let the kids runaround a bit and burn off some pent up energy. They had fun scouring the shore for shells and smooth beach rocks. We saved the our favorites and brought them back home with us. The beach was so pretty and the sand was laced with gold pyrite flakes that made it glisten and really shine in the sunlight. We stayed at a cute little hotel right on the beach and even had our room upgraded to a suite for free. Having a kitchenette and a beautiful oceacn view was superb. Sunday was our Legoland extravaganza. We pre-purchased our tickets and scored close parking and that was the start of a good day. The kids reached the minimum height requirements on most of the "little kids" rides so that was great. However they were getting over colds so they couldn't play in any of the water areas. They had such a great time and were on their best behavior the entire day. K was super excited to drive the 3-5 year old race cars. It was so cool to see him do that since the cars were able to drive openly on a "race track" almost like bumper cars. K totally understood the pressing the gas pedal to go concept but his steering was a bit crazy, hey he's 3.5 years old, whatelse was to be expected? The park was pretty empty and the longest we stood in any line was maybe 5 minutes. We'll be taking them back for sure. We spent the morning in Carlsbad on Monday and drove home before the rain came down. It was a great weekend and sure beat hanging around our 'hood for 3 days.

I was on Facebook earlier today and decided to join a Y! group and it made me entire some text to ensure I wasn't a bot. So I started typing in the words and noticed that it was "reverend asphyxiation." How bizarre. I understand that its totally random but still, asphyxiation???? Years ago we got a phone call at work from a customer who was bitching about the security feature we recently implemented that forced a user to type in a string of four letter and/or number combos and they were forced to entire f.u.c.k. I thought that was highlarious but you would think a company would block cuss words from being displayed.

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