Happy 2008

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and a wonderful new years and may 2008 bring everyone health and happiness.

I had a great holiday break. Christmas was wonderful. But once the kids went back to school on the 26th thats when my break really started. T and I had breakfast and some of our favorite spots every day, I saw I Am Legend (which I did not know as an hour of Will Smith and a Dog and no one else!) and Mai and I saw Juno which was super cute and witty. I had these grand plans of doing little projects around the house but when the time came to get started I just wanted to hang out, eat, watch movies and do more lightweight cleaning. I don't regret it at all. I stayed pretty unplugged while off of work, mainly checking email on my phone. I got to sink into my couch and chat on the phone with my girlfriend living in Japan but back in Hawaii for the holidays. We spent a wonderful amount of time with the Cohen's going out fir dim sum on Sunday, dinner at their place on Sunday, and New Years eve with our families at their house. New Years eve was perfect, since we all have small kids we headed out for BBQ at Mr. Cecils then back to their place for some libations and game night while the kids went wild. Their little girl made it to midnight while our kids passed out around 11-1130 or so. T, Oren and I all dozzed off just before midnight and awoke when Mai started saying Happy New year. It was a perfect, stress free, low key fun night!

Now its back to work time. Eh, same o same o.

Separate from work T and I have been thinking about what to do this new year. The biggest thing on the list is moving. We've been passively looking at houses, with the market going down it is a great time to buy but we're in a predicament with our current place. In a perfect world we want to keep it and rent it out. Which right now we're aiming for and are going to put our frivolous spending on hold and try to save up for a down payment. Pulling out equity is at the bottom of the list. We've also looked out of state which is something that gets us a little bit excited but sad at the same time. I won't go to much into that right now cause moving out of state is contingent on so many things and we have yet to venture down that path. What else is on the table for '08? oh yeah, i'll be starting my cleanse on Monday and continuing with it until I feel better (i.e. more energetic, less bloated and "lighter") and I'm going back on eating better since Ive been eating so crappy since Thanksgiving. I will also be adding a third day to my weekly workouts. So nothing to daunting for me (except that house thing but that's a bit different).

Now its time to work

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  1. John started cleansing too. Let's say what's came out wasn't pretty.