Dancing Girls

I wrote this great post on Friday to test out the mobile blogging feature with Blackberry and Blogger. BUT....it didn't work. I'll try again today with a much shorter post because as it is now, I have no clue what I wrote. No worries, i'll just start fresh.

It's been pretty wet here in socal and i've been loving every minute of it. We needed the rain. lots and lots of rain. We stored away most of the kids outside toys in the garage and covered up the patio table and benches. Things around town are turning green. my plants are coming alive but my front yard is still this nasy dingy beige! Maybe i need to have my gardner throw some seeds down and fertilize. Ugh...maybe more saturation will bring it to life?

On friday night T and I had a wonderful dinner at Canele. It was so yummy. I swear I could eat there once a week. I think sometime in Q3 or Q4 2007 Canele became my most favorite restaurant and the best part, its so close to my house. We were hoping after dindin we would be able to swing by Black Maria but no such luck. Oh well, we strolled around Atwater for a little bit then headed over to the Cohen's. Friday night was Oren's surprise bday party. It was suppose to be at Bigfoot but filming hadn't wrapped up so we moved the party to the casa. We got there a little early so we helped set up. When they got home Oren was totally surprised. It was to cute. He was genuinely surprised. We weren't able to stay out to late since we did have a babysitter curfew. We were about 20 minutes late which I still feel a bit guilty about. One gripe about the sitter, in our interview we told her we ddin't have a land line and she said she had a mobile but come friday night when i asked for her number so i could call in case of emergency she said she didn't have her phone with her. T, begrudgingly, left his blackberry behind incase she needed to call us or vice versa. Just because of this one example i'm thinking of getting a third phone added to our family plan for this type of thing.

Saturday was a bit cold and I was dying to go to H&M so we headed over to Canoga park for a fix and some lunch (i love their food court). Nothing to exciting really just shopping and eating and witnessing a parking structure accident. Saturday night we met up with the Cohens and Oren's friends for brazillian bbq dinner at Gaucho Grill. It was packed and fun. Saturday night's has live entertainment with brazillian dancing girls. The kids totally loved it! The waitress took V right up front to witness all the action. This gave T a much needed break and he piled the food in while V was away. K was jealous. Espeically since his little girlfriend went up front with his mom. A little later on the girls made their way through the diners and came over and carried baby Avery around. K really wanted to be carried around as well. We promised we would go back so he can have his turn. Did I mention the Oren and I wore the same bleeding heart tshirt to dinner, must be an Aquarius thing.

Ahhh...gotta continue later.

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