And Then She Said...

Im back on a major granola and yogurt kick. I binged on this a few years ago and since only ever ate it occasionally. But i'm back on binge mode. I love the fat free plain yogurt, the sour taste is so yummy. This time around I'm addicted to the Kashi granola, its so flavorful and chunky, for lack of a better word. Although with the Orchard Spice granola I do need to pull out all the dried apple bits and set them aside because they get a bit gross and hard when left in the yogurt to long. So I set them aside and eat them separately. With my granola I've also been eating a pack of pre-cut organic apple slices which is so yummy. What kills me is how expensive Kashi is! I've been eating the cereal for awhile but the little box of granola is nearly five bucks but I do love all the dried fruits mixed in with the granola. The other day I was on drugstore.com and they had a Kashi coupon which was 2 bucks off the total Kashi order, and their Kashi prices were cheaper then the market, Schweet! Needless to say I snatched up cereal and granola. I don't want to say resolution but one of my goals for 2008 is to eat cleaner and healthier, so far so good.

T headed off to Vegas for an overnighter on Monday. He decided to skip the AVN show (yes, ome to the AVN awards) but attend Internext instead. He had a handful of meetings set up and bailed out of town as soon as possible. We picked him up at Burbank yesterday after work and the kids really missed him. What was great about having him home was the kids attention was totally focused on him while I was able to prep for dinner that will be cooked tonight. We let the kiddos stay up a bit later then normal since they were so excited and bedtime was a breeze.

I'm still in the process of potty training K. He was so good for while and then out of nowhere put the lock down on potty training. I've been talking to his teachers about it and they said the same thing. I gave him an incentive, Disneyland, once he is able to go potty all the time and doesn't need to wear pull ups at home or at school (except at night, but i'll cross that bridge when i get the day time down) when "mr. sun" is awake. Suddenly he's doing a lot better and has asked not to wear pull ups while at home. I'm hoping it won't be long before i'm done with pull ups!!!!! Because little V sees all this going on with K he has asked to go potty too. He doesn't really go but likes to sit on it and even asks his teachers at school if he can go. Hopefully the second time around will be a bit easier.

Three day weekend coming up! Yeah! We're thinking of booking a last minute trip to either San Francisco or driving out to Palm Springs. Today will be the decision making day. I really would love to get out of town for a few days.

So, I've been wanting tall, flat boots for awhile but never really considered it an option becasue my calves are ginormous. I don't even bother trying boots on at stores. I know they have the stretchy type boots but I had those once before and I didn't like them on me, it seemed to suctioned on my leg. I've been searching high and low for boots. I found one pair and they didn't have my size in stock and I emailed the company and they told me it was discontinued so that's it. Then finally I found this great suede pair. Flat soles, suede, tall (hits under my knee cap) and great reviews. I bought it. They were over nighted so that was awesome. I got them home and put them on and boy were they cute. Really comfy and they zipped up with no snagging and there was room around the calf to tuck pants into them (if I wanted to). Perfecto. I did try them on with some grey jeans and tucked the jeans in, so not me. I looked in the mirror and it was cute, i suppose, but not me at all. T laughed at me saying he never imagined I would do it. For now I will continue to wear them with dresses and maybe for fun i'll tuck jeans in to them and go to work. Im just ecstatic that I found boots!!!!!

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  1. Unless you are in some sort of occupation that requires you to shovel stuff, you should never wear your pants on the inside of your boots! :-)