Things That Go Bump

So it's Friday afternoon, approximately 315pm, Im working and my phone rings. I notice its the main reception. When I answer the operator says, "I have your son's school on the phone, here you go." Huh? I dread those calls! Its the Assistant Director on the line and before she even speaks I quickly identify the manic screaming/crying in the background, it's K. WTF? She immediatly starts talking, "Amber, K got hurt and we need someone to pick him up NOW. He's in a lot of pain. He bumped his head REAL BAD and looks awful we needs to go to the doctor as soon as possible." At this point my lunch is in my throat and I feel like i'm going to barf. Im freaking and ask, "is he bleeding? is his head split open?" No bleeding and no head splitage. THANK GOD. Luckily I just got off the phone with T and he was on his way in this direction. I let her know and call T back. He answers and I said, "Change of plang pick K up NOW. He had an accident and needs the ER." T freaks. Unfortch I don't have much info to provide except he bumped his head into a wall. Once K was picked up T called me and said the school mentioned he was totally drowsy after whacking his head on the wall, the bump was totally huge and purple but he was much calmer and they were heading to Urgent Care. I was expecting the worst. Once I finished work I picked up V from daycare (T left him there and only got K) went to the market and met my other guys at home. K was fine. Playing and happy. His bump is gross and purple with a hemotoma (sp?) all around it. I told he looked like a unicorn. He thought that was really really funny. We watched him so closely during the night with each of us taking turns sleeping with him. By Saturday morning he was fine but with a purple bump.

We finished up xmas shopping on Saturday and went a little nuts at H&M since we had a 25% off coupon. I also bought the kids a few fleece sweatshirts for school. Saturday was laid back and chill.

Sunday we went out to breakfast at our usual spot. Chosen for kid friendly rather then what we want to eat. While we were eating T's cousin in San Diego kept calling and calling, we knew it had to do with T's dad so we waited until we were in the car to call. We were planning on going to Travel Town but were side tracked once talking to the cousin. He said T's dad (long story there on why we get the info from the cousin) was in the hospital (again) and was giving us an update. Anyway, side trip to Whittier. T visited with his dad who was sedated, I waited in the car with the kids cause they weren't allowed up in critical care. instead of waiting in the lobby where they would run me ragged I took them back to the car and let them watch DVDs. Once we were done with Whittier we headed back North and went to Travel town. Travel Town was decorated for xmas and it was totally cute. The kids had a great time as usual and loved every second of riding the train. After that we went up to Downtown Burbank cause T was looking for some warm shoes for Toronto. Yep another trip, leaving tomorrow. K passed out so we took our time walking around so he got in a little nap. V was up the entire time but totally mellow. T found his boots and bought himself a new hat for his trip. I finished up watching Superbad last night which was funny but T thought it was about a million times funnier then I did. This weekend I also finished up the last and final disc of Felicity which means i'm done with the series and I started watching Factory Girl which i'm really enjoying.

Here's some Travel Town Pics

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  1. I'm glad your kid is okay. That sounded scary.

    T's going to CANADA in WINTER?!! Eek!