Sickfest Coming To A Town Near You

First it was T. Monday night driving to Pasadena to meet the Cohens for dinner and then to see xmas lights. He was writhing in his chair saying his stomach hurt so bad. He first thought it was from his lunch. We even had to pull over so he could barf.....gross! He got barf on his pant leg, even grosser, which led the nasty smell into the car. Then at dinner T had to run off a couple of times to barf. He even said he projectile vomited. EWWWWWW. He had to skip out on the lights cause there is no way he could have sat through it. The rest of the evening he was miserable.
That night it was K's turn. He was sleeping in my room on his "little bed" (crib mattress which sits on the floor in my room) and I heard him making these weird noises. I woke up to check on him and he barfed. I cleaned everything up and he barfed again. I woke T who gave him a bath while I changed all the sheets and blankets. He slept fine after that.
Just to be safe I stayed home with K the next day. Turns out when T took V to school the teachers were saying a lot of kids and staff were out with the same symptoms. For the most part K was okay during the day mostly tired and lazy and wanted to lie around and watch movies. But that night he started barfing again, bigger, badder and barfier! Thus we decided to keep him home on Wednesday just to be sure. T stayed with him on Wednesday and I went to work. Turns out he is now fully recovered and will be going to school on Thursday.
Thursday morning comes, early Thursday hovvering past midnight. I'm awake and barfing. Great! My Turn. I then sat in bed, awake unitl it was time for everyone to wake up. I thought maybe I could go to work. I got dressed and realized I could not go to work. Just pulling my pants and shirt on was killing me. I changed back into my PJs and climbed into bed. I did not get out of bed, save for 1 hour, when I needed to drop off bday party supplies at the school for V's bday. I watched bad tv in a sick haze. I napped and did absolutlety nothing. I didn't eat anything all day long. I drank some water and some super flat 7up. That was my day.
Today is now Friday, I'm not feeling to good but since I'm taking the next week and a half off of work I thought I should come in even if just for half a day. I'm cranking through a project and then i'll probably be outta here. I need to rest. Tonight the kids school has their xmas program and I want to feel good for that.

V's Birthday was yesterday. We through a classroom party for him. We brought in pizza, juice, fruit and instead of a cake we bought these ginormous chocolate cupcakes from Costco. We made cute little goodie bags for his classmates. The teachers said it was a hit and some kids even bought him birthday gifts. Afterschool we opened the prezzies we had at home for him. He got some books, money, a giant pillow book thing, a little learning laptop and my parents bought the creme de le creme prezzie for him (and K loves it too) he got a big 'ol ride on Thomas. He loves it and the kids found a way to double up on the train. However, we haven't moved it into the playroom yet so its dominating the middle of our living room!

I feel sick now.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're all feeling so poorly! Hopefully, you'll get better before Christmas and New Year's!