Santa Pics

Last night, after work we took the kids to the grove for santa pics. I like the pics there the best. I took some at the Galleria a few years ago and although the portrait turned out nice the background was little to be desired. You see at the Galleria they made it a big deal to have these candy cane things around the Santa throne and decorations but when the center the picture all that funness gets cut out and you just have santa, part of the chair, the kid and just a lot of green background. Not so nice. At The Grove the make an effort to have a lot of decorations and ornaments in the background and Santa sits on this great bench that allows for parents or numerous kids to sit on as well. Not only that Santa is housed in a great big gingerbread house that is so cute and sweet. So we went there last night. We figured going straight for Santa was our best bet since the kids were excited and still pretty much clean. The line moved at a snails pace even though there weren't a ton of other families in front of us and for the most part the kids didn't get to impatient. It was finally our turn. K happily sat on Santa's lap while V freaked out and T had to be in the pic and since it was 3/4's of the family in the pic I jumped in the photo as well.I bought the little flash drive that holds the two pics they took of us so I can email all my family the picture. Had I known I could get this in a flash drive I would have held off on xmas pics and used this photo. And yes I know it looks like I have no pants or whatever on that's just how I roll!

Another factor for going to The Grove is that nightly at 7 and 8pm it snows. We watched the water show for about 10 mintues before the snow turned on and when it did the kids went nuts. Everyone went nuts. It was a lot of fun and the kids really had a blast. I'll have pics to upload later. When the snow ended we headed to the Farmers Market for dinner. The kids really wanted noodles and noodles only but T and I were totally itching for Loteria Grill. They have this amazing minty rice that is to die for! T and I both ordered the chicken enchilada's with mole and rice and black beans. Yum! Yum! Yum! After dinner we headed back up towards the Grove and decided it to call it a night since it was nearly 8pm. We got home really quick and the kiddos were wide awake so we drove through the DWP Light Festival before going home.

T headed out to Toronto this morning. Our friend Oren is also going. So Mai and I are husbandless, but me for only a couple of days. Her man is gone longer. So tonight we're going to her house for dinner and let the kids play and wear each other out! Plus I can drop off their xmas gifts. The kids are dying to see the baby Cohens and K even asked if he could take them some of the xmas cookies we made on Sunday night. awwwww....


  1. Piper refused to sit with Santa this year. I tried twice. Both times, she was very excited to show him her "Green Eggs and Ham" book... but otherwise, she wanted nothing to do with him whatsoever and completely wigged out when I tried to put her near him.

    She also refused to wear a Halloween costume this year...

    I know it's typical behavior for an almost-two-year-old, but I'm frustrated!

  2. That picture is great! It totally does look like you're not wearing pants (I'm assuming that's a dress you're wearing).

    It's funny that Santa's the one that looks unhappiest out of all of you.