It's been a wonderfully long weekend! I've enjoyed my days with the family these last few days less K's major tantrums. We had a nice weekend, not doing a hell of a lot but relaxing and hanging out as a family. We spend xmas eve at the zoo, same as last year. This year was a lit more crowded! Maybe it was the time of day but I enjoyed the time there. The Cohens came along with us so it was 4 adults and 4 kids. The kids had fun but got a bit pissy when they realized they weren't old enough to ride the train. What a crock really, instead of having a train where parents can hop on with their kiddies its a kid only train with a height requirement. K met the minimum requirement but I decided to make him skip it since the little bro and Kiwi were to small to ride.

Christmas morning was fun. Watching the kids get so excited at all the presents and understanding the magic of santa. Although K got pissy again when he realized he ran out of presents. Note to self: work on the boys spoildness (sp!). They were happy to spend the day at home exploring all their new toys. All those that bought the boys a gift a million thank you's, you really made their day. I bought T golf lessons, T bought me a pursey and we're buying ourselves this. Kind of excited to have a place to dock the ipod and listen to music. Right now i'm running a chord to my stereo but i hardly use it since the stereo is locked away in a cabinet so the kids don't touch it so its a bit of a pain to get at.

I took the next week through new years off of work. Not really planning on doing much. Seeing some movies and checking out the Murakami exhibit at the Moca and thats about it. Thus I may be MIA this week as I want to be as unplugged as possible.

Hope you all had a very merry christmas!

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