Baby, Its Cold Outside

This morning the news said it was going to be 62 and sunny. That's my kind of weather; layers, sweaters, scarves but no need for a hat and gloves. The chill is nice and cool, the evenings are cold mmmmm...so nice.

I know I haven't posted in a little bit but i've been busy with work and typical holiday stuff. My christmas shopping was mostly done and this weekend I got the last of it witch consisted of a couple of gift cards but that has been sent off. So now we are officially done. It's been so nice receiving holiday cards in the mail, especially the picture ones. Seeing friends and relatives kids in the photos year after year is so heartwarming. I think only families with kids buy the photo cards although it would've been hysterical if T and sent cards like that when it was just he and I. Especially one with those cheese backgrounds of christmas trees and wood burning fireplaces.

This Saturday we took the kids to the
Discovery Science Center. The kids really wanted to see the Sesame Street human body exhibit (even though they had already seen it 3 times) but it was over and I had to explain that before we left the house. Luckily they weren't to upset about it and were excited about the Science of Gingerbread exhibit and of course seeing all the dinosaurs. We headed down to Orange County soon after the museum opened and we stayed for a couple of hours. We really need to consider buying an annual pass because we head down there probably once every 2 months or so. The kids really love the science center and if we left it up to K we would be there every week. Sunday was spent running errands and lounging around the house. When it came time to put the kids down for a nap it was a total nightmare. You could tell they were tired, really really tired but they fought their nap to the nth degree. The kids whined, screamed and then began wrestling with each other. T and I pretended to be napping in hopes they would catch on but it was hard for us to keep our eyes clothes when every now and then we would hear these big thumps and bumps against the walls and floor. Eventually we gave up and gathered the kids up and put them in the car. Lo and behold, within minutes they kiddos were sound asleep. We let the kids sleep for an hour while we drove and round and ran errands. It was nice to spend a majority of the day lounging around and doing some needed housework.

Work is work. I had a big meeting with my boss and spend much of the weekend worrying and mulling over some things to talk about. I think ultimately it went well, my boss mainly wanted to do some career development stuff which was really different then my typical end of year review. I was happy with how things went and if all goes as we discussed i'll be digging into some really interesting stuff in the new year.

I now have a new online addiction. Etsy. Have you seen this? It's kind of like an indie, online craftsfair. People can open their own Etsy shop and seel everything from, knitted/crocheted goods, paintings, jewerly, crafts et al. I spent lots and lots of time scouring the artwork and although I didn't make any purchases for my intended search I did end up purchasing some other variety of art for my bedroom or mabe an extra bathroom in a new house. I have a feeling this site is going to be a problem i.e. big work distraction!

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  1. Next year, I'm going to try to get a picture of me and my dog and send it out as my Holiday Card.