Time's Gone By

This week has gone by so incredibly fast. Not only that, I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is this week! Geezus!!! What have I been up to? Work, work and, oh yeah, work. I've been busy as hell but it makes the day zip by so that's good.

Friday night we all went over to Mai's for dinner. She's so sweet, she made us some dinner in exchange for good company while her hubby was still in NYC. Yep T and Oren missed each other by a week. Anyway we went over after work and stayed until 930 pm. The kids had a great time and K had a breakdown when it was time to go.

Mai and I were planning on hitting up the Gama Go sale at Big Foot Lodge on Saturday afternoon. K had a dental check up so the logistics were a bit messed up. Ultimately, though, we decided to skip it. I had to stop at H&M and pick up some things for my mom so that pretty much was the extent of the day. Well that and having lunch at Todai. It was a nice low key day which allowed me to get a ton of laundry done.

Today T watched the kids because Mai and I have been planning for the last 3 weeks to go to Felt Club. It was awesome. Both of us were kid-less for an afternoon. We escaped the 'dale around 1039am and headed straight to the Venue. It was a really good time and we bought a bunch of fun stuff, particularly art work. There was yummies from Aunty Em, lots of craft venfors and music spun by DJ Lance Rock. Of course he wasn't dressed in his Orange outfit, he was just Lance Rock for the day but the music was fun. He and the other DJ played an awesome mash-up of Le Tigre's Deceptacon vs. D4L's Laffy Taffy. After the fair we headed down Melrose for lunch and I picked up T's belated birthday gift. Yes, it was belated but he loved it.

All in all I had a great weekend and I need to use the rest of the evening to finish up laundry, get out our suitcases, start packing and stick it out at work for a few days before heading out of town.

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